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COVID-19 Guided Meditation for Germaphobe – I Am Clean

Germaphobic tendencies are on the rise, due to the pandemic known as COVID-19. Are you a diagnosed germaphobe? Do you have a pre-existing anxiety disorder? Does the fear of germs make you feel obsessed with cleaning yourself? 

We have a way to help reduce anxiety from this novel coronavirus. When paired with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, this 5-minute meditation can help reduce the symptoms of this type of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

TL;DR: This daily meditation practice can help you wash your hands once instead of 20. You will feel clean instead of covered with germs. People with OCD, you know what we’re talking about.

How this meditation works to reduce stress due to COVID

Meditation programs are created to help your mind break the cycle of harmful or useless actions and negative thoughts. When we do meditation for anxiety, we are reassured that the steps we have taken are enough. When we practice meditation, we clear the mean thoughts out of the way so that we can clearly hear the voice of logic.

Logically, we know that we are safe if we wash our hands for 20 seconds with soap or rub our hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer until dry. 

Scientifically, we know that if we wear a mask, refrain from touching our face, and sanitize items once for the proper duration, we are safe.

Medically, we know that the virus can only enter the body through the respiratory system.

However, once panic sets in, we can’t grasp onto our logic, science, and medical anchors.

That’s where the benefits of meditation come in. Remove the panic so you can think clearly.

Benefits of this calming meditation

If you have been following the recommendations of disease control and prevention set by the CDC and WHO, this meditation will:

  • Remind you that you are safe
  • Remind you that you have done all you can do; more cleaning of the same spot will is no longer necessary
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Allow you to relax
  • Give you a mantra to repeat and follow any time you feel the need to wash your hands one more time

I Am Clean: A 5-minute COVID-19 Guided Meditation for Germaphobic Tendencies 

Be sure to do this whenever you wonder, “Am I sick even though I washed my hands 8 times, sanitized my hands 4 times, wore a mask, and didn’t touch my face until my hands were clean, my clothes were placed in the washer, I haven’t touched anything, and I’ve taken a shower?” Enjoy the amazing effect of this meditation. 

For us, this meditation reduced our mental stress and allowed us to ensure that we are truly doing the best to care for ourselves and our families. A clear head equals a clear and clean life.

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If you are experiencing OCD or germaphobic tendencies, it’s a great idea to also seek the guidance of a trained psychologist or psychiatrist. COVID-19 is difficult for everyone; you are not alone. Many businesses, apps, and insurance plans are currently offering free mental health care! Take advantage of it!

Please note, that this meditation does not protect you against the virus or illness; this meditation is intended to be used only when you have followed the guidance and recommendations of the CDC, WHO, and other trained medical professionals. If you suspect you are experiencing symptoms of the virus, contact your doctor from your home. 

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