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60 Magical, Witchy Baby Boy Names

Looking for a very magical name for your perfect baby boy? We’ve got you covered. We’ve pulled together the most modern list of unique baby boy names for your Witchy baby! Whether you want your cute baby to grow up to be a Wizard, Warlock, Witch, Wiccan, Boho baby, or simply be filled with positive energy, these 60 witch names and wizard names are sure to fill your baby with magick!

We know you want more than just a typical cute baby boy name, that’s why this list is made up of famous witch names, crystals, celestial stars, Greek mythology, and the names of Gods! It’s so much more than just a Wiccan names list! Names from Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Names from King Arthur’s Tales? Your quest of finding the perfect name ends here! 

60 Magical Wizard, Witch, Wiccan, and Warlock Names for your Baby Boy

  1. Aion
  2. Ambrose
  3. Ares
  4. Asher
  5. Aspen
  6. Atlas
  7. Blair
  8. Blaise
  9. Bran
  10. Caleb
  11. Cleigh
  12. Copper
  13. Damian
  14. Devin
  15. Draco
  16. Drake
  17. Easton
  18. Ender
  19. Forest
  20. Geralt
  21. Gomez
  22. Grayson
  23. Holden
  24. Hunter
  25. Janus
  26. Jasper
  27. Jet
  28. Killian
  29. Kingsley
  30. Leo
  31. Luca
  32. Lucius
  33. Morpheus
  34. Moss
  35. Oakley
  36. Odin
  37. Oliver
  38. Omen
  39. Orion
  40. Owen
  41. Phoenix
  42. Quinton
  43. Rand
  44. Raven
  45. River
  46. Rowan
  47. Sage
  48. Sahir
  49. Salem
  50. Sirius
  51. Sun
  52. Trance
  53. Vanir (Van)
  54. Weston
  55. Wild
  56. Wind
  57. Wren
  58. Wyatt
  59. Xander
  60. Zephyr

Wiccan mamas, what will you name your Wiccan baby?

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She believes, whole-heartedly, in the power of coexistence through love, respect, and growth. She feels that we have responsibilities that involve everyone, no matter what path they walk.

“No matter what group you commit to, no matter what spirituality you align with, no matter what religion you follow, no matter what political party you fall under, and no matter what your gender or race is, we are all citizens of Earth, and we all have a responsibility.” – Aurora Moone

During her time in Hattiesburg, MS, Aurora founded Coexist at Southern Miss and Southern Miss Spell Casters. She specializes in mindfulness, Usui Reiki, Ascension Reiki, Wicca, meditation, extra-sensory perception, instant magic, and tarot analysis and reading. She is a 4th rank Temple Tradition Priestess.

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