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13 Things To Do During A Full Moon To Align Your Natural Energies

Is today a full moon?

Wondering what to do with this strong lunar energy that’s keeping you awake?

If you’re a Witch, Spiritualist, Empath, or avid lunar lover, this full moon activities list was made for you!

Each month is filled with the beautiful synchronicities of energetic shifts, and the one amazing energy cycle we can always count on is the lunar cycle. 

Every 29.5 days, the moon becomes full.

This means that roughly every month, you get a chance to absorb its vibes and revitalize your life with the energy of the full moon.

Tune in to the lunar energies throughout the month, and feel the waves of lunar activity washing over your aura.

Allow yourself to attune your spirituality to the precise path you need to be on. 

All you have to do is open yourself up to the moon magic in our night sky!

Today, we have 13 things you can do during a full moon to tap into your true power.

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1. Make Moon Tea

You’ve heard of sun tea, now you can try moon tea. 

How To Make Cold Brew Tea With The Full Moon

This is a safe way to make cold brew tea that’s been empowered by moon energy!

  1. Fill a glass container, glass jar, or glass pitcher with filtered, purified water. 
  2. Add 1 regular tea bag for every 6 ounces of water.
  3. Visualize what you’d like to manifest in your life when you drink the tea
  4. Take the pitcher outside, continuing to visualize your intentions.
  5. Capture the reflection of the moon on the surface of the tea.
  6. State your intention, and visualize it as if it has manifested.
  7. Take your tea inside, place it in the refrigerator, and let it steep for 6 – 8 hours.
  8. Remove the teabags & enjoy!

How To Make Hot Tea With The Full Moon

A teacup on a table with the full moon reflected on the surface of the tea.

Supercharge your tea with positive energy by letting it steep under the silver light of the moon.

The process is the same as steeping hot tea, but as your tea steeps, capture the reflection of the moon on the surface of your tea and visualize your intentions as your tea steeps for its specific amount of time.

Try these magical tea recipes that double as moon rituals: 

2. Make Moon Water

Moon water is a type of spiritual water that has been energized during potent times, such as during the full moon.

It’s used for blessing items before use in spiritual practices, removing negative energies from daily life, as the water in spell ingredients, and more. 

Learn how to make full moon water.

You can make moon water during any of the moon phases. The water made will help you use the power of each moon phase whenever you need it.

Each phase will give your water a different energy signature and a different result.

  • New moon water: new beginnings, fresh starts, inspiration
  • Waxing moon water: manifesting intentions, growth, increasing health
  • Full moon water: intense energy, thanks, appreciation, empowerment
  • Waning moon water: letting go, releasing, releasing emotional baggage

3. Set Intentions & Do A Full Moon Ritual

This is the most powerful moon of the full lunar cycle, so it’s the perfect time to set new intentions or reinforce intentions that were set during the new moon.

Moonlight shining into a sacred space that has candles for a moon ritual.

If you have a powerful intention to set, we recommend doing an entire moon ritual or a moon manifestation ritual instead.

Great full moon intentions to set are: 

  • Increased wealth & money.
  • Self-empowerment.
  • Self-love.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Any manifestations.
  • Charged, revitalized energy centers.

You can either make simple chants, such as: 

Or try these simple manifestation rituals: 

4. Balance Your Energies

Because this lunar phase has the most intense energy, it’s the ideal time to use its excess vibes to balance your own.

Do a chakra meditation in which you visualize the light of the full moon pouring into your body, starting at the crown chakra.

As each chakra becomes full, move down to the next chakra, visualizing the silver light of the moon causing each chakra to build and expand with its corresponding color.

5. Cleanse Your Aura

Moon energy is cleansing and empowering, so this lunar phase is great for dissolving all of the bad vibes that have attached to you over the last month!

A man sitting under a large full moon.

Try this cord-cutting meditation, followed by visualizing your newly-cleaned aura as the full moon, itself!

If visualization or meditation isn’t your thing, you can also physically cut cords or string, stating that you’re disconnecting from energies that do not serve your highest good.

6. Take A Full Moon Swim Or Bath

If visualization isn’t your thing or if your mental space is too cloudy to focus clearly, don’t worry!

You can be more physical with your aura cleansing by taking a cleansing swim or bath!

A woman in the water watching the full moon rise.

Water naturally corresponds to the moon, so all you need to do is tell the water you’re about to swim or bathe in that its purpose is to cleanse you with the energy of the full moon!

Then, swim or bathe until you feel absolutely refreshed!

7. Moonlight Bathe

Nothing is more relaxing than lying under the clear sky, watching Her shine amidst the stars. 

“Her” is the feminine moon, of course! 

If you don’t have access to water, don’t feel up to visualization, or just want to moon gaze, you can cleanse your energy and recharge by just lying in the moonlight.

8. Charge Your Crystals & Tools

Speaking of recharging, this is a great time to give your crystals and tools a moon bath to charge, recharge, and empower them for the next month.

Simply take your items outside and place them in a safe area under the moonlight.

Crystals in the shape of a crescent moon with a wooden spoon lying on top.

The gentle light of the full moon breaks down any negative energy your crystals have picked up.

It also adds the feminine energies of spiritual connection, emotional clarity, and empathy to your tools.

If you have crystals that are sensitive to sunlight, be sure to bring them back inside before the sun rises.

Want to give your tools more balanced energy? Let your UV-safe items stay outside in the sunlight as well!

9. Create A Full Moon Circle With Your Coven

Grab your coven mates or spiritual sisters and brothers and stand in a circle.

Hold hands and simultaneously say, “We join hands to symbolize the Moon, to call down and embrace this power, opportune.”

One-by-one, each person in the circle states what they want to manifest over the next month.

Repeat the chant, and end the spell with, “With harm to none, it is done.”

10. Bake A Mini Thanks-Giving Feast

 If you’ve created a circle with your friends, close out the night with a mini esbat feast!

This bright phase reminds us that at the end of each journey, there is a light that continues to guide us. 

So, cook up your favorite recipes, and take time to have a mini “thanksgiving” and share what you’re thankful for!

11. Start Full Moon Gardening

Many astrological gardeners swear by using moon energy to get the highest garden yield possible.

Just like our heavenly body’s gravity affects bodies of water, it also appears to affect the growth of plants!

Woman holding her vegetable harvest

Give moon phase gardening a try, and plant: 

  • Bulbs.
  • Root vegetables.
  • Biennials.
  • Perennials.

You can also harvest your plants now, too!

12. Do A Tarot Card Reading

The moon’s energy often helps us understand our life experiences, as we see in the Wiccan “Drawing Down The Moon” ritual.

If rituals aren’t your thing, give tarot card reading a try.

A hand holding the wheel of fortune cards as part of a tarot card reading

The energies of the full moon day are great for helping you tap into your psychic awareness, making it much easier to understand the visions in the cards.

If you’re totally new, try our 3 Tarot Card Activities For Beginners!

13. Start Meditating

Ready to discover the next phase of your life?

Want to understand how to best overcome a current obstacle?

Try meditating on specific days to uncover where your life wants to take you.

The spiritual first and second days of the full moon are perfect for manifesting something new in your life.

Take a moment to get comfy in your sacred space, pick your favorite positive affirmation or a specific intention, and use this powerful time to meditate on your affirmation. Be sure to visualize the affirmation as if it’s already happened in order to activate the law of attraction!

The third day of the full moon is a perfect time for introspection, which makes it perfect for meditation!

Take a moment to focus on deep breathing. Inhale the positive light of the moon, and exhale negative energy. Then, use this moon meditation time to ask what lessons you can learn from the upcoming moon cycles.

The Full Moon’s Effect On Us

So, why do all of these activities work best on or around the full moon?

The moon corresponds to the element of water.

The element of water corresponds to intensity, movement, growth, long-term empowerment, emotional growth, and spiritual growth.

It is said that in addition to the moon pulling on the tides, the energies of the moon also pulls us forward.

First, during the waning phase, the moon helps us release what no longer serves our highest good.

Next, the waxing phase encourages us to build up who and what we want to be or have in our lives.

When the Full Moon comes around, we are the best version of ourselves, emotionally, spiritually, and realistically.

You can feel the powerful energy that’s built up inside of your body and in everything around you!

The full moon energizes us, reminding us of what we’re capable of!

During this lunar phase, everything is charged and ready to be used to its highest ability!

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