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Lemon’s Magickal Properties: Spiritual Meaning & Uses In Spells

Wondering what the spiritual meaning of lemons could be?

Do you notice how happy, inspired, and refreshed you feel after working with this bright yellow citrus fruit?

It’s because this naturally sunny, yellow fruit is filled with positive energy!

Bright, refreshing, and exciting, lemons are one of our favorite spiritual ingredients to drive away negative energy and invite in good vibes.

So, next time you’re making our famous Lemon + Lavender Ostara Cake, visualize these beautiful aspects to turn your recipe into a magical spell for happiness and optimism!

Lemon Spiritual Meaning

If you’re seeing lemons in your dreams, are gifted a lemon dessert, get a surprise lemon in your curbside pickup, or feel really compelled to get that lemon drop martini at happy hour, there’s a chance that lemon is trying to send you a message!

Seeing an increase in this yellow-colored fruit can mean:

  • Happiness is on the horizon.
  • A secret is about to be revealed and resolved.
  • It’s time to open yourself up to healing and energetic cleansing.
  • Optimistic vibes are headed your way.
  • Healing is about to take over.
  • Good news is on its way soon.
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How To Use Lemon In Magic | Spiritual & Spell Uses

There are many great ways to work with the vibes of this sour, fresh, tart fruit. Whether you use its seeds in a sachet, the rind in incense, the oil in an aromatherapy blend, or the juice in a recipe, you can use its energy to change your life.

Scientific Name

To help ensure you’re working with the proper energies for lemon, the lemon you’ll be learning about in this article is scientifically referred to as:


Everything in life has energy, and specific energies provide a different vibe to your work. Due to its loving and inspiring nature, lemons are said to have the gender of:

  • Feminine


Knowing the element that is most related to a magical ingredient helps you craft the perfect spell. Lemons elemental correspondence is:

  • Water
  • Air


Lemons pair well with spells that use the planetary energies of:

  • Moon
  • Sun


If you’re working with a specific astrological energy or if you’re doing a spell for a friend of a specific zodiac sign, it can be helpful to know the astrological correspondence of your spell ingredients. Lemon’s zodiac association is:

  • Cancer
  • Pisces
  • Sagittarius


Deities that love lemons as offerings are:

  • Artemis
  • Diana


Lemons help empower and activate the following chakras:

  • Solar Plexus

Magickal Properties Of Lemons & Spells To Try

The lemon magickal properties & the magical correspondences of lemons make it a very useful ingredient in spells for: 

A table decorated with lemon
Enchant lemons & decorate with them at brunch to improve friendships!
  • Friendship: Add dried lemon rind to a jar spell, along with the personality traits of the friends you’d like to call into your life; seal the jar with a yellow candle. Serve lemonade with a slice of lemon and lavender cake to friends at a table that’s decorated with a basket of lemons to reinforce a friendship.
  • Hex & Curse Removal: Add lemon juice to a sour jar or a Witch’s protection jar to stop a harmful person in their tracks. 
  • Inspiration & Creativity: Sip lemon water or a focus & creativity potion with the intention that you’re taking in good ideas. Since this fruit also has powerful solar energy, cut a lemon in half and admire the sun pattern, and know that its energy is shining new, bright ideas into your life.
  • Love: Plant lemon seeds to start the growth of a new relationship in your life. Create a love sachet by adding rose petals and lemon blossoms to a pink or yellow bag.
  • Motivation: Boost your personal power by enchanting the citrus fruit for motivation, cut it into wedges, and bite into a wedge; let the sour taste and adrenaline transmute stale, bad energy into forward motion and motivation. 
  • Optimism: Create an aromatherapy inhaler for optimism by adding a few drops of lemon oil to a vial of sea salt. When you need a boost, open the cap, breathe in the citrus scent, and inhale happiness.
  • Protection: Plant a lemon tree on your property and charge it to transmute negative energy into protective energy. 
  • Purification: Create a purifying floor wash by simmering 1/4 tsp. lemon peel in a cup of boiling water before adding the water to your favorite cleaning solution; you can use this to cleanse your ritual space. Purify your aura by steeping lemon slices or lemon leaves in a bath tea before adding it to your ritual bath. You’ll also be surprised to know that lemon is an ingredient in Florida water.

What are your favorite ways to use lemon magickal properties? Share them in the comments below!

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