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Magickal Properties and Correspondences of Tea and Coffee

In most cultures, it is common to frequently consume warm beverages throughout the day, especially in the mornings.

Like everything in the physical world, there is a huge potential for magickal involvement and daily practice with these items no matter if it is tea or coffee.

How to Turn Tea into a Magical Potion

As a quick example of how you can make your beverage consumption more magickal, think of bringing in more purposeful intention during the creation and consumption of your drink.

Think of your preparation almost the same way that you would something like a spell jar. 

Ask yourself:

  • What are the ingredients going into your beverage and what sort of magickal properties do these contain?
  • Do the ingredients you are working with match your intent for the day?
  • If not, is this the right beverage “potion” for your day?


Then, once your brew has been concocted and ready to consume, try your best to dedicate a few minutes with it to set your intention.

One way that I have found to be helpful is to revisit the classic exercise of creating a ball of healing energy in the palm of your hands. Let that energy and intention find its way to your beverage before consuming.

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Witch-Tip: Use a dedicated wooden spoon to stir your beverage three times clockwise as you set your intention.

You can also use this as a great mindfulness exercise. Really sit and appreciate what you have made. Take a moment to really internalize the taste and texture of your drink.

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Coffee Correspondences →

Base Tea Correspondences

Black Tea

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mars

Elements: Fire

Season: Winter

Crystal: Obsidian

Color: Black and red

Magickal properties: courage, banishing boredom, prosperity and money, mind stimulation

White Tea

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mars and the Sun

Elements: Air and fire

Season: Spring

Crystal: Quartz

Color: White, yellow, and gold

Magickal properties: Cleansing, clarifying, aural health, psychic abilities, connection with Spirit, fertility, youth, and new beginnings

Green Tea

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mars

Elements: Fire


Crystal: Malachite

Color: Orange and green

Magickal properties: Health, love and passion, energy, cleansing, and money

Oolong Tea

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Mars & the Moon

Elements: Water

Season: Autumn

Crystal: Amethyst

Color: Purple and dark blue

Magickal properties: Love, serenity, reflection, divination, emotional balance

Herbal Tea Correspondences*


Magickal properties: healing, abundance, receiving energy enhancement

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Rose Hips

Magickal properties: healing, good luck

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Magickal properties: success, prosperity, confidence, aventurine, sensuality

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Orange Peel

Magickal properties: luck and money

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Magickal properties: love and trust

Dandelion Root

Magickal properties: dream magick, divination, spirit work

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Magickal properties: love, beauty, protection


Magickal properties: love, divination, dream magick

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Magickal properties: prosperity and abundance


Magickal properties: cleansing, opening the psychic mind

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Magickal properties: cleansing, removing energy blockages


Magickal properties: protection from evil, illness, and magickal interference


Magickal properties: strength, courage, determination, patience

Common Ingredient Correspondences


Magickal properties: love, sympathy, wisdom, attraction, improve someone’s disposition


Magickal properties: attraction, love, lust, sex magick, binding, improve someone’s disposition, flu and cold treatment


Magickal properties: abundance, fertility, creativity, employment, happiness, health

Make it your own

I would definitely recommend getting to know these ingredients a bit closer on your own to get a full understanding of what properties your local ingredients contain. Sometimes environmental factors and personal feelings can change the common properties and correspondences of an ingredient so it’s good to do some research to see how it impacts you.

*Please make sure to consult with your doctor before consuming herbs

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