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Magickal Correspondences of Bananas | Witch Herb Materia Magicka

Bananas are our most affordable fruit (ahem, berry) in the United States.

We know that everything has a specific energy signature and can be used as a magical ingredient.

Move over Betty Crocker, the Witches are here!

Use bananas for being open to change in order to become resilient, romance, money, and more!

Wondering how?

Here’s our list of the Magickal Correspondences and Magickal Properties of Bananas!

This is part of our own Materia Magicka!

Consider this entry part of the pantry of magickal household items!

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Magickal Correspondences of Bananas | A Materia Magicka

Latin name

  • Musa (Many hybrids and variants exist under this genus. The outdated scientific name is Musa sapientum.)

Folk Name

  • Mai’a (Hawaiian name)


  • Masculine Energy


  • Air


  • Mars


  • Leo


  • Buddha
  • The God


  • Sacral
  • Solar Plexus

Magickal Properties Of Bananas

  • Resilience through change: Make yourself comfortable with change and able to pivot quickly by working with this fruit!
    • The current cultivar that we know today in America, the Cavendish, was instantly popularized out of necessity when the Gros Michel variety became highly susceptible to Panama disease in the 1950s. Supermarkets and the American public had to quickly pivot to a new variety, as well as a new flavor. Next time you need to be inspired to make a sudden change, eat a banana and set the intention that everything will be okay!
  • Wealth + Increased Money: Not only is this popular fruit nice to your wallet, but its energy can be nice to your bank account, too! The leaves can be used to symbolize money in wealth and money spells.
  • Increased luck: Plant this plant around your house in order to inspire good luck in your household.
  • Increased your spirituality: Eat this yellow fruit before embarking on a new spiritual quest to connect your energy to the universe, or carry a banana charm on your person. Because the fruit grows up towards the sky, legend has it that bananas stimulate the connection to the realm above the sky.
  • Increased sexual stamina in men: Once upon a time, bananas were only allowed to be eaten by men. These phallic fruits worked wonders on increasing lust. Simply eat a banana to increase the libido, or use powdered dried banana in spells for lust and sexuality!
  • Symbol for the God: The phallic shape of bananas supplies incredible masculine energy to the space. In many cultures and spiritualities (such as in Voodoo), bananas make a great altar symbol for the God.

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