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30 Spiritual Ways To Use Florida Water

Does the smell of spicy, warm, lavender, and citrus send you into a blissful state?

Feel happy, grounded, and magical when the smell of Florida Water hits your aura?

How do you use it to make magick? What can it do?

Don’t worry; Florida Water is not actual water from the Gulf of Mexico nor the Atlantic Ocean.

Created between 1880 – 1890, Florida Water is a warm, spicy, herbal, citrus blend has transformed from cologne into a spiritual tool.

Florida Water is a type of cologne that has been historically used for spiritual and ritualistic purposes, primarily in various Afro-Caribbean and Indigenous American spiritual traditions.

But how do you use it in a spiritual sense? Don’t worry – we’ve got you.

Here are 30 spiritual ways that Florida Water can be used:

1. Cleansing and Purification

Cleanse your aura by applying it to your body to remove negative energies.

Dab a few drops onto your wrists and each of your chakra points, just like you would perfume or cologne! As you do, visualize yourself as being cleansed and psychically safe.

2. Ancestor Veneration

Use in offerings or altars as a way to honor ancestors.

You can place it on your altar in the full bottle or pour a little bit into a small offering bowl.

3. Protection

Anoint doorways and windows to protect against negative energies.

Choose your favorite protection symbol, add a drop of cologne your finger, and trace the sigil onto your windows and doors.

4. Blessing

Use in blessings of people, places, or objects for positive energy.

Just like you would with anointing oil, place a drop onto your finger, ask your favorite deity to bless what you touch, and gently apply the cologne to the item or person.

5. Spiritual Baths

Add to bath water for spiritual cleansing and purification.

Is it weird to say we can smell your bath? But really, not only will you be clean and cleansed, you’re going to smell incredible.

6. Meditation Aid

Use as an aid to deepen meditation and enhance spiritual connection.

The smell alone helps to ground your energy and transport your mind to your next spiritual lesson.

7. Dreamwork

Anoint your pillow for prophetic dreams and improved dream recall.

You can also place the Florida Water into an atomizer or spray bottle and gently mist your pillow before lying down.

8. Healing Rituals

Use in rituals aimed at promoting healing and wellness.

You can anoint the area that needs healing, externally of course, you can spray the room where the person is recovering, or you can pour a little into the bowl to help repel harmful energy.

9. Chakra Balancing

Apply a few drops to your chakras as part of a chakra-balancing ritual.

10. Candle Magick

Anoint candles to enhance the potency of candle magick rituals.

When you dress your candles, you can use Florida Water instead of a blessing oil to both cleanse and empower your candles.

11. Smudging Alternative

Use as an alternative to smudging with sage or other herbs.

Just add the cologne to a spray bottle and spray the four corners of each room, and the center. Visualize the energy being raised to its highest, most pure state, and ask your guides to remove any energy that does not serve your highest good.

12. Enhancing Psychic Abilities

Apply on the third eye to enhance psychic abilities and intuition. If your skin is sensitive to cologne or alcohol, simply smelling the scent can help your powers bloom.

13. Prayer

Smell, offer, or wear the cologne during prayer as an offering or to help facilitate a connection to the divine.

14. Good Luck

Use in rituals aimed at attracting good luck and prosperity.

Use it in place of water to help cinnamon adhere to your money talisman in our Cinnamon Money Spell.

15. Space Clearing

Sprinkle or spray around a space to cleanse and clear of negative energies.

16. Offering to Deities

Use as an offering in rituals involving deities or spirits.

Simply pour a little into an offering bowl and let the spirits know the energy is for them to enjoy.

17. Love Spells

Incorporate into love spells to enhance their effectiveness.

You can also enchant the bottle for love, and after your love spell and before dates, apply some to your body as you would perfume.

18. Enhancing Divination

Use to cleanse divination tools like pendulums, crystal balls, and crystals.

The smell can be a little strong, so we like to cut it with a little alcohol before cleansing tools.

19. Fertility Rituals

Use in rituals aimed at promoting fertility and abundance.

20. Connecting with Nature Spirits

Use as an offering or to facilitate connection with nature spirits.

21. Transition and Death Rituals

Use in rituals aimed at easing transitions, including death.

22. Spiritual Journeys

Anoint yourself before embarking on spiritual journeys or astral travel.

You can also spray some of the cologne onto your meditation pillow before starting astral projection.

23. Enhancing Ritual Tools

Cleanse and consecrate ritual tools by anointing them with Florida Water.

24. Opening Pathways

Use in rituals aimed at opening new pathways and opportunities.

Anoint a road opener candle with Florida Water before visualizing your goal and lighting.

25. Creativity and Art

Use in rituals aimed at enhancing creativity and artistic expression.

26. Breaking Hexes

Utilize in rituals aimed at breaking hexes and curses.

Anoint a hex breaker candle or black candle before visualizing your goal and lighting.

27. Grounding

Apply to the soles of the feet for grounding during spiritual work.

28. Celebrations and Festivals

Incorporate into celebrations, festivals, and rites of passage.

29. Spiritual Contracts

Use in rituals related to the making or breaking of spiritual contracts.

Saturate a piece of paper that has been designated as the symbol of your contracts. Light the paper in a safe space and place it into a heat-proof bowl to burn away.

30. Moon Rituals

Use during moon rituals to align with lunar energies and cycles.

Remember to always show respect to the spiritual traditions where Florida Water holds significance. Its use should be approached with reverence and an understanding of the cultural and spiritual contexts in which it is traditionally used.

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