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Yellow is the color of the Sun, success, happiness, learning, study, inspiration, energy, and the solar plexus. Use these Yellow Chime Fast Burning Spell Candles in spells for increasing and restoring your memory, passing tests, and allowing happiness into your life. This pack of chime candles contains 20 individual candles, measuring 4″ x 3/8″.


  • Every color you need for rituals ✨
  • 10 of each color 🕯
  • 100, .5" x 5" chime candles 📏

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This vibrant yellow New Beginnings Pillar Candle captures the youthful essence of the Fae and uses it to charge your spells of renewal and rebirth. Attached to the side of the candle is a beautiful vial of yellow fairy dust glitter! This candle is handmade in the USA and measures 6 1/4″ x 2″.


This three color, scented Road Opener Jar Candle has been crafted with essential oils and embedded tokens. Simply light this candle during prayers, spells, and rituals meant to open your eyes to opportunities and remove road blocks from your life. This jar candle ranges in color from yellow to golden to pink.


  • Spiritual Uses: Happiness, optimism, empowerment ☀
  • How To Use: Set intentions for men by carving name, dressing the candle, and lighting 💛
  • Size: Hand-poured to be 7" tall 📏


Shaped in a style similar to a taper candle, this tall Yellow Pillar Candle is a wonderful addition to the sacred space or home, offering bright radiance and clarity within your candle magic.

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Yellow taper candles are often used within candle magic and similar ritual practice as uplifting and energetic additions to spells, and the clarity they provide is great for divination. This taper candle measures 6″ x 5/8″.