wind chimes

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Cleanse your home and bless plus protect it all at the same time with this Black Pentacle Wind Chime! This lovely piece is stamped brass that has been painted black and affixed with seven bells. Measures 9.5 inches.


Blessings of the Trinity come with this beautiful Brass Triquetra Wind Chime. Green translucent beads and brass bells complete the 11″ long, 3″ wide wind chime.


Hanging from a chain, this beautiful Moon and Star Wind Chime displays a crescent moon characterized by the traditional, sleeping face with a star dangling between its points and three brass bells hanging beneath. Moon measures 2 1/4″ in length, while the wind chime, itself, has an overall length of 9″.


  • Hand-cut moons and stars
  • Made of beautiful brass!
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This gorgeous Pentacle Three Bell Wind Chime is crafted to create a melodic decoration for your sacred space or home. As the wind passes through this chime, the bells work to clear away harmful, unwanted, negative energy.


Bless your home with with this lovely little wind chime that holds the Pentacle, Triquetra, and Solomon’s Seal symbols. Decorated with copper bells, this is sure to empower, bless, and protect your home, all in one little gust of wind. Measures 5″.