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Celebrate the energy of all dragons with this beautiful Earth Dragon Pentacle Wall Plaque! Created from the artwork of Anne Stokes, this beautiful piece depicts a bright, vivid green Earth Dragon with its serpentine body entangled within a pentagram woven of sculpted sticks. This amazing wall plaque measures 13″ in diameter and is cast in [...]


This beautiful, rotatable Wheel of the Year plaque is created with an amazing array of detail, which has been hand picked for each specific Pagan and Wiccan holiday. The names of each major and minor Sabbat is carved into each spoke of the Wheel, leading to each holiday. This plaque has a wall hanger mounted [...]


Bring balance into your sacred space with this beautiful Yin Yang Wall Tapestry. Measuring 72″ x 108″, this tapestry makes a great wall covering or a light blanket! The complex pattern of the spiraling yin yang inspires the knowledge that balance exists in all areas of life. This cloth is hand-dyed.