untumbled crystals

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  • Great for healing the heart chakra 💚
  • Perfect for crystal grids 💎
  • 1lb, by weight ⚖️
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  • Raw, unpolished crystals 💎
  • Sourced from India 🇮🇳
  • Random selection, 1lb total by weight ⚖️
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  • Resonates with root chakra and sacral chakra ❤
  • From Peru 🇵🇪
  • 1 lb by weight ⚖


Rainbow Jasper is a beautiful balancing and inspiring stone that’s also referred to as Fancy Jasper or Multi Colored Jasper. It is believed to be an overall balancing steady healer, especially for the overactive mind; it inspires one to work through issues not to get caught up in worry. It is also believed to rejuvenate one’s creative power. [...]

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Used to stimulate love and open the heart chakra, these Rose Quartz pieces are untumbled and perfect for magick! Wearing or carrying a piece of rose quartz is often a part of rituals meant to attract love. Also useful for promoting peace, happiness and fidelity in established relationships. This natural stone runs the gamut of [...]


  • Energy: Fire 🔥
  • Great for confidence + leadership 🦁
  • 1 lb. raw crystal 💎
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