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This subtle Black Tourmaline Stone Bracelet is a simple, one-size-fits-most bracelet made of Black Tourmaline. Many of the beads have streaks of white, blue, red and brown tourmaline from it’s natural growth. Each tumbled bead is strung on a durable elastic band. Un-stretched, this bracelet measures 3″ in diameter.

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  • Perfect for empaths! ⚡
  • Removes harmful energies ⚪
  • No cord 💎
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Work in a toxic environment? Around negative people? Try wearing this Black Tourmaline Untumbled Pendant! Black Tourmaline is the most common form of tourmaline and gets its deep black coloring from the high concentration of iron in its makeup. This pendant measures approximately 1/2-3/4″ and does not come with a chain.

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