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This beautiful, 100% cotton wall hanging features an elaborate pattern of Celtic design, featuring tangled Celtic knots and similar, traditional images in a message of intertwined and united existence.

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Take a trip to and through the branches and roots of the Tree of Life with this beautiful tapestry! This tapestry depicts the Celtic Tree of Life in a lightly tie-dyed green on a black background and measures 72″ by 108″. The branches of the tree, itself, form the knotwork circle surrounding the tree, while [...]


Bring the majesty of the Greenman into your life with this 100% cotton Greenman Wall Tapestry! The Greenman is a powerful symbol of the rebirth, magic and mystery of nature, and he is wonderfully depicted in this 72×108″ hand-dyed broadcloth.


This 100% hand-loomed cotton Owl Tapestry has a beautiful center design of an owl front center with warm color designing. Along the edge is an outlined bordered edge to match! Use this beautiful, natural cloth as a hanging tapestry, table cloth, bedspreads, and more! Size: 54″x86″


  • Handmade
  • Measures 72" x 108"!
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Woven of 100% cotton, this purple tapestry shows a triple moon at its center. This symbol for the waxing, waning and full moons is accented by a pentagram filling the circle of the full moon, making it a powerful symbol of faith and the Goddess. 72 x 108 inches.


Bring balance into your sacred space with this beautiful Yin Yang Wall Tapestry. Measuring 72″ x 108″, this tapestry makes a great wall covering or a light blanket! The complex pattern of the spiraling yin yang inspires the knowledge that balance exists in all areas of life. This cloth is hand-dyed.

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