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Call true love into your life with this amazing beginners Attract Lover Spell Kit! Assembled by AzureGreen, this kit comes with step-by-step instructions on how to cast an easy love spell! Bring out the power of your true inner Witch and use the power of intention to cast your love spell, today!


  • Great for removing unwanted energy and people 👋
  • Simply follow the directions 🕯
  • Created by AzureGreen ⭐
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  • Everything you need to cast a happiness spell ✨
  • Reiki-infused candle, crystal, and shell 🌈
  • Casting instruction included! ⚡


Assembled and created by AzureGreen, this Money Drawing Spell Writing Kit is great for creating magickal seals, spells, and petitions for money, growth, and fertility. This beginner’s spell kit comes with: 5 sheets of parchment 1 quill pen 1 bottle of Money Green magical ink Be sure to cast this spell in the safety of [...]


  • Contains everything you need for your first protection spell ⚪
  • Constructed and enchanted by AzureGreen ⚡
  • Perfect for beginners! ✨
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  • Contains everything you need to cast a protection spell 💫
  • Learn to create a protection amulet ⭐
  • Contains spell candle, instructions, herbal incense blends, charcoal tablets, necklaces, and more! ⚡


Purify and bless your body and aura as you prepare for ritual with AzureGreen’s Purification Mini Bath Kit. Complete with instructions, candles, candle holder, and Purification Bath Salts, this kit is great for beginners and intermediates alike!


  • In The Kit: Enchanted candle for justice, spell herb blends, sachet, charcoal incense tablet 🕯
  • How To Use: Instructions & ritual included 💙
  • Created By: Azuregreen ⚡