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  • Decorate your altar
  • Adorn your natural crown (hair)
  • Create spells and sachet
  • Amazing for divination
  • 18 shells
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These small shells make excellent spell components, bringing the element of Water to your craft! Cowries Shells are fantastic for divination, libido, clairvoyance, fertility, and finances! This pack weighs 24 grams.


Associated with Venus, most familiarly “The Birth of Venus,” the Lion’s Paw Shell is a symbol of power, purity, and rebirth, in addition to all of the wonderful powers granted to it from the element of Water. This makes it a fantastic balance and burner for your incense! Measures 5″ x 5″.


  • All-natural seashell 🐚
  • Great for resting a smudge stick in ♨️
  • Measures approximately 6" 📏
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