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Black Salt, packaged by Charme et Sortilege, makes a great defense against harmful, unwanted energies, as well as creates amazing psychic barriers, protection, and banishment aids! Contains 47 grams of black salt.


Salt is an excellent ingredient for a Witch, as it negates, dissolves, and removes harmful energies from items and spaces. This Black Salt, by AzureGreen, not only removes harmful energies but is also extremely useful against curses, hexes, evil forces, and more! Simply use in the same way you would use white salt. This is [...]


Sea Salt is the ultimate Witches’ tool. Used to cleanse, purify, and protect, salt absorbs all harmful energies and cleanses them, making your sacred space, favorite tools, scrying mirrors, and more suitable and pure for empowering! Salt is a must! Granules typically measure between 1/16 and 1/4 of an inch.