quartz pendulums

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This Quartz Faceted Chakra Pendulum is a neutral pendulum of clear quartz for your divination practices, strung on a chain decorated with beads representing the 7 chakras. Pendulum measures 6” in length.

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Carved of a clear quartz stone, this powerful Quartz Pentacle Chakra Pendulum is inscribed with a pentagram and attached to a chain featuring 7 stones representing the 7 chakras. Styles will vary, as this item is chosen at random.

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This Plain Clear Quartz Pendulum features a clear quartz stone bob and clear quartz bead. Quartz crystals are popular for use in helping to store and shape energies used within your magical practices. This affordable pendulum measures 6” in length.


Seek the answers of the Divine at any time with this stunning Quartz Pendulum Bracelet. Not only does this function as both pendulum and as a jewelry piece, but it also acts as a meditation tool. This pendulum bracelet has a set of 3×3 quartz 5/16″ beads to help the owner with his or her prayer, [...]