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Give focus to your meditation, ritual practice, and crystal grids with this beautiful Amethyst and Orgonite Crystal Pyramid. Measuring 25-30mm, this makes a great addition to altar top grids and spells. Amethyst is perfect for removing stress, anxiety, and opening up your psychic channels. Orgonite is created a great energy manipulator, just like the pyramid [...]


Pyramids are considered to be incredible energy preservers, generators, and directors! This beautiful Amethyst Crystal Pyramid can be used to promote calm, peace, well-being, and psychic awareness! Cut through confusion of life and bring clarity into focus. This very small amethyst pyramid measures 25- 30mm in width.


Absorb and transmute all harmful, negative energies with this stunning Black Tourmaline Pyramid! Perfect for protecting your car or computer during the Mercury Retrograde, this pyramid measures 25-30mm in width!


Sculpted of finely polished bloodstone, this powerful Bloodstone Crystal Pyramid can be of great use in energy work, as well as ritual magic. Bloodstone is a natural aid in instilling courageous energies and helping to balance out the chakras, and it is also a powerful healing stone. Shaped into a pyramid, these energies can be directed [...]

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Famous for Winning court cases or keeping law away, this beautiful, empowering Blue Pyramid Candle is lightly scented with jasmine and can help connect with mystery, emotions, ancestors, or any purpose. Inscribe with symbols or place petition under for extra power. This pyramid candle measures 2 1/2″ x 3″.


  • Experience incredible grounding 🌳
  • Great for lifting your mood 🆙
  • One size fits most 📏
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Guide and shape energy within your candle magic using this wonderful Red Pyramid Candle. Scented with cinnamon oil, this candle can be used to call love or lovers, keep a lover from straying, or for any purpose that requires red and cinnamon! Inscribe or place petitions under the candle and burn! This candle measures 2 [...]