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  • Protection through Pentacle power 🔮
  • Grounding Hematite, Calming Amethyst 🌌
  • Enhances spiritual rituals effortlessly 🌠

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Give focus to your meditation, ritual practice, and crystal grids with this beautiful Amethyst and Orgonite Crystal Pyramid. Measuring 25-30mm, this makes a great addition to altar top grids and spells. Amethyst is perfect for removing stress, anxiety, and opening up your psychic channels. Orgonite is created a great energy manipulator, just like the pyramid👉

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Craft your perfect crystal grid or use these Amethyst Crystal Points in a number of spells by buying this bulk order of amethyst crystals. This batch of raw points and chunks of amethyst contains 15-20 crystal points that measure 1″ – 2 3/4″, approximately.

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This beautiful set of Amethyst Runes is crafted from 25 tumbled, polished amethyst stones which have been etched with the Elder Futhark Runes and embellished with gold lettering. Need an easy way to read runes? Simply ask your question, close your eyes, choose a stone, and see your answer!

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This Amethyst Goddess Wiccan Earrings will allow you to focus your energy with a short meditation or ritual. Focus on the gentle swaying of the earrings as you move through the day and be reminded of your purpose. This Pagan earrings are made with hypo-allergenic surgical steel French hooks. The beads measure 1/4″ in diameter, the charms👉

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This Amethyst Pendulum is revered for helping to achieve a divine connection, aid in healing magic, encourage psychic ability, and otherwise help find balance and wisdom.

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  • Enhances spiritual awareness. 🌌
  • Guides through life's questions. ❓
  • Adjustable fit for everyone. ✨

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Similar to our Meditation Key Chains and Pagan Symbols Anklets, these Amethyst Pentacle Meditation Earrings harness the energies of psychic awareness and protection, peace, and magickal ability. Wear them when you are preparing to go into meditation or if you simply want to add the energies of amethyst to your life! We offer many different👉

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Reduce road rage with calming amethyst! This Amethyst Point Crystal Keychain is a beautiful amethyst point that measures 1 1/4 – 2″.

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  • Perfect for healing altars 💜
  • Amazing vibes for meditation 🧘
  • Holds a votive or tealight. Colors and shapes may vary 📏

Earn 6 Points

  • Great psychic protection 👁️
  • Great for Goddess work 💛
  • Full length: 2 1/8" 📏
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  • Great for protection ⚪
  • Increase psychic awareness 🔮
  • Elastic: One-size-fits-most. Purple tone may vary 📏

Earn 8 Points

  • Great for reducing anxiety 🌊
  • Perfect for cleansing your aura ☀️
  • Approx. 1" in diameter 📏
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Perfect for building crystal grids, adding to spell bottles and bags, or just for decoration, this bulk order of Tumbled Chevron Amethyst is perfect for all crystal lovers! Chevron Amethyst is formed when veins of white quartz and amethyst come together in the rock. This stone combines the enhancing and purifying qualities of quartz with the stress👉

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Tap into your full energies to learn the hidden truths with this Amethyst Chakra Pendulum! Weighted by a beautiful piece of amethyst, this crystal pendulum holds 7 beads which correspond to the seven chakras of the body. This is a popular item! Small stone at chain’s end comes in various styles.

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This Amethyst Pentacle Chakra Pendulum includes an engraved pentagram that has either been gilded or silvered, with a chain accented by stones representing the 7 chakras. This pendulum is 6” long.