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Plentiful Earth’s main goal is Coexistence, in all areas of life! We’re so excited about this beautiful Green Adventurine Coexist Bracelet! Similar to the Coexist bumper stickers, this bracelet features the Moon, Peace Sign, Om, Pentacle, Goddess, Yin Yang, and Cross, which spell out the word “coexist”. Each charm is separated by a lovely green [...]

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  • Must-have for crystal and moon lovers 🌙
  • Perfect for connecting with lunar energy through crystals 💎
  • 192 pages 📖
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  • Infuses celestial magic instantly. 🌙
  • Elevates any spiritual practice. ✨
  • Durable and aesthetically pleasing. 🎨

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  • Spiritual Meanings: Resilience, protection & flexibility 💪
  • Material: Jute & rope 💛
  • Size: 14" x 16" 📏

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  • Harness lunar energy for personal growth 🌙
  • Channel starlight for manifestation magic 🌟
  • Amplify your spiritual practice in style 🕯️

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Hanging from a chain, this beautiful Moon and Star Wind Chime displays a crescent moon characterized by the traditional, sleeping face with a star dangling between its points and three brass bells hanging beneath. Moon measures 2 1/4″ in length, while the wind chime, itself, has an overall length of 9″.

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  • Hand-cut moons and stars
  • Made of beautiful brass!
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  • Perfect for Full Moon Rituals 🌕
  • Great for balancing the Feminine 🧙🏽‍♀️
  • 2 dram anointing oil, external use only ⭐
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With a non-slip rubberized grip, this ritual Moon Phase Athame depicts moon phases, bringing their power further into your magic. The athame measures 9 1/2″ in full length with a 5″ blade.

Call upon the playfulness of the Fae and the empowerment of the Moon with this beautiful, purple Fairy & Crescent Moon Tote Bag. Carry your: Groceries. Spell supplies. Ritual items. Coven potluck meals. Work goodies. Crafted from jute, the energies of this cloth tote resonate with strength, flexibility, and resourcefulness. This tote is a great [...]

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  • Protect yourself from the evil eye at all times 👁
  • Perfect for everyday protection ⚪
  • Approximately 2" in length 📏

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  • Eco-friendly, 100% cotton! 🌎
  • Great for groceries or Esbat events! 🌝
  • Measures 18" x 18". Single-sided print.
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