love spells

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  • Written by Cosmopolitan 👄
  • Filled with rituals and incantations ✨
  • 144 pages 📖
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The Love Union Charged Candle has been carved with runes of the Futhark alphabet, energetically charged, and anointed with magical oils to create a potent tool for love spells. Complete with instructions, this spell candle is a full ritual to help two souls find each other in love.


Full of simple spells that help you obtain love, sex and relationships, Magical Rituals for Love is full of traditional rituals and charms that have been used for generations.


  • Keep your love strong 💕
  • Add to a red bag with rose quartz 💖
  • Espiritu Products ⭐
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  • Spells are complete with timing and ingredients 🎀
  • New love, fertility, lust, and more 💘
  • 208 pages 📖
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