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  • Perfect for absolute beginners! 🌈
  • Learn about your chakras through journaling ✍️
  • 192 pages 📖


  • Perfect for beginner Wiccans
  • Includes writing prompts to help you explore your craft!
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This hardbound Celtic Tree Journal opens and closes in the center, sealing closed magnetically with its seam. This intricate design mirrors the wavy trunk of the Celtic tree of life design it displays. This journal measures 5″ x 7″ and holds 120 unlined pages.


Filled with 240 blank pages, this God’s Eye Blank Leather Book comes complete with a leather binding cord! The semi-precious gem on the cover makes an amazing focus for any spell or charge, and the book is perfect for a Book of Shadows, Dream Journal, or even just a simple notebook!


With a faux wood finish, this blank Pentacle Journal has an interwoven pentagram set upon its front cover, making it the perfect setting for your book of shadows, journal, diary, or whatever else you can imagine. This journal contains 160 pages, and it measures 6″ x 8″.


Marked on the front and back with a floral patterned border and a central triquetra, the symbol of the Mother, Maiden, and Crone, this Triquetra Wiccan Journal is perfect for both budding and experienced Witches. It measures 6 x 8″.