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Gold is the color of masculine energies, abundance, the Sun, the God, luck, wealth, and more. Use these Gold Spell Candles in spells for increasing prosperity, guidance, justice, and more. This pack of chime candles contains 20 individual candles, measuring 4″ x 3/8″.


  • "Feed" or store your lodestones ⛰️
  • Use in spells to pull wealth and success to you! 💯
  • 1 pound of golden, magnetic sand
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This beautiful Gold Magnetic Sand, or lodestone food, is perfect for rituals, spells, and prayers for success, personal power, and wealth! This is a 4 ounce bag of magnetic sand.

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  • Great for healing work on men 👨
  • Perfect for courage spells 💪
  • 7" x 1 3/4" 📏
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Carry your favorite crystals on your person in the form of a necklace by placing them inside of this Gold Plated Crystal Necklace Coil! Simply pull to expand the coil and place your favorite stone inside. Some coils may come pre-expanded and ready for use. This is the large version of the gold coil, measuring [...]


This Gold Taper Candle measures 9 inches in height and is perfect for representing the Sun, God, strength, prosperity, and energies of Yule!


Call upon the aid of the Fae with this beautiful Gold-Toned Fairy Star Chime Candle Holder! The Fairy Star makes up the base of this light-weight, affordable chime candle holder, and is perfect for Faerie Magick, holding candles during a supervised children’s ritual, or simply for holding your corner candles!