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Perfect for drawing money, wealth, and health to your life, this Cinnamon Powder is a great addition to spells, candle dressings, and sachets for increasing money in your life! This is a 1 ounce package of powdered cinnamon!


Cinnamon is a beautifully warm herb that vibrates with the energy of the Sun! Ruled by the element of Fire, cinnamon is great for use in speeding up spells, fast money spells, and warm, vitality spells! This is a 1 ounce pack of cinnamon wood chips.


This is an order of cinnamon sticks that has been cut into smaller chips! These chips make it easy to use cinnamon in simmer pot spells, sachets, teas, and more! This is a 2 ounce bag of cinnamon chips.


Warming, sensual, and spicy, cinnamon is a kitchen spice that brings a touch of magick into your life! Simmer it in water, use it in incense, and add it to spells to increase vitality, wealth, protection, and passion! Fueled by the energy of Fire and the Sun, cinnamon is a beautiful herb to have on [...]