crystal pyramids

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  • Perfect for meditation altars 🧘
  • Focuses calming, peaceful vibes 💜
  • Approx. 1.25" 📏
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Pyramids are considered to be incredible energy preservers, generators, and directors! This beautiful Amethyst Crystal Pyramid can be used to promote calm, peace, well-being, and psychic awareness! Cut through confusion of life and bring clarity into focus. This very small amethyst pyramid measures 25- 30mm in width.


  • Great for meditating on new beginnings 🆕
  • Use for charging a space with energy ⚡
  • One 1" pyramid 📏
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Perfect for generating energy in your home or your crystal grid, this small Hematite Crystal Pyramid measures 25-30 mm.


Pyramids are historically famous for protection, empowering, and preservation. Place any item under this Quartz Crystal Pyramid to empower, preserve, amplify or bless it. Clarity may vary. Base measures 25-30mm or 1.25-1.375 inches.


  • Protect your home with the power of the Goddess 👑
  • Great for use in crystal grids 💎
  • 25-30mm in width 📏
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