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Earn 51 Points

Craft your perfect crystal grid or use these Amethyst Crystal Points in a number of spells by buying this bulk order of amethyst crystals. This batch of raw points and chunks of amethyst contains 15-20 crystal points that measure 1″ – 2 3/4″, approximately.

Earn 52 Points

  • Amplifies Spiritual Growth 🌱
  • Enhances Intuitive Abilities 🔮
  • Calming, Healing Energy ✨

Earn 15 Points

Aim the points of this Double Terminated Citrine Point at your solar plexus and visualize white energy entering one point, being transformed into strong, golden light traveling out of the other end and into your aura for healing of the self. Citrine is great for boosting self-esteem, creativity, and opening the mind to see outside [...]

Earn 19 Points

  • Clears blockages and obstacles 🚫
  • Polished top crystal point 💎
  • Approx. 2 - 3" 📏
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