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  • Use to charge/empower your items ⚡
  • Perfect for purification 🤍
  • 2 dram, external use only ⭐
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Resin incenses are the most popular type of incense among Witches because it is the cleanest and most pure form of incense. This Copal Resin Incense is great for purification, consecration, communication across other planes, and banishing. Burn resin incense on charcoal tablets.


  • Simply add a small piece of resin to a lit incense charcoal tablet! 🔥
  • Perfect for astral projection and ancestral communication 🔮
  • 1 pound of resin incense, including chunks, pebbles, and dust. ⚡
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  • Great for cleansing space before aura cleansings 🙏
  • Perfect for yoga studios 🧘
  • 4" in length 📏
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