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Perfect for the Yule holiday, purification, protection, and longevity, HEM’s Cedar Incense sticks make a perfect addition to your altar during the dark portion of the year! Simply light the end of the incense stick, blow out the flame, and let the energy of cedar be released into your sacred space! This package contains 20 [...]

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  • Great for representing the Earth element 🌳
  • Beautifully dual-scented ♨
  • Can be used for grounding rituals ⛰
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Azuregreen’s Sage and Cedar oil captures many of the properties and powers of sage and cedar. This makes this oil perfect for healing and purification. The sage makes it perfect for purification, while the cedar influences healing and long-term health. This is a 2 dram bottle of pure anointing oil, for external use only.


This 5″ bundle blends traditional Sage with the influence of Cedar, this smudge stick is ideal for rituals and spells of purification within a wide range of cultures and traditions. This Sage and Cedar cleansing stick is one of a wide variety of different cleansing bundles we have in stock for all your ritual needs. Easy to [...]


  • Perfect in purification spells ⚪
  • Pair with healing work ☀️
  • 15 grams ⚖️
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