candle snuffers

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Extinguish your candles properly with this gorgeous Brass Renaissance Candle Snuffer. Delicately dimpled, this snuffer is crafted from brass and boasts an intricately decorated handle.


  • Beautifully jeweled 💎
  • Great for respectfully extinguishing ritual and spell candles 🕯️
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  • Perfect for small altar spaces ⭐
  • Great for extinguishing small jar candles 🕯
  • 3" long. 2" tall bell 📏


This Long Brass Candle Snuffer has been crafted out of a simple arm of brass and is unadorned, except for the handle by its base, which has been textured and widened for your grip.


Extinguishing candles by breath is not the Witches’ way, instead, these Mini Brass Candle Snuffers will do the trick! Sculpted from brass, use this snuffer to turn down the light on spell candles, jar candles, votive candles, and more! Style is shipped at random.


Never blow out your candles; always pinch or snuff them out as a sign of respect to the element of Fire. This Simple Pinching Candle Snuffer is an affordable, low-key snuffer that will allow you to cleanly pinch out candles of all shapes and sizes!


  • Perfect for lovers of the Fae 🧚🏽‍♂️
  • Great for Earth elemental altars 🌳
  • Crafted from resin ⭐
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