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  • Perfect for healing altars 💜
  • Amazing vibes for meditation 🧘
  • Holds a votive or tealight. Colors and shapes may vary 📏
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  • Perfect for carrying a candle around your magic circle ⚪
  • Holds standard taper candles and candles that measure 3/4" - 11/16" 🕯️
  • 3 1/4" x 2 1/4" 📏
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The moon holds the powers of intuition, wisdom, femininity, and so much more! Invite that energy into your sacred space with this elegant Crescent Moon Chime Candle Holder! Crafted from pewter, this candle holder makes a wonderful addition to you altar!

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Call upon the aid of the Fae with this beautiful Gold-Toned Fairy Star Chime Candle Holder! The Fairy Star makes up the base of this light-weight, affordable chime candle holder, and is perfect for Faerie Magick, holding candles during a supervised children’s ritual, or simply for holding your corner candles!

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Our Pan decorated candle, incense, and smudge stick holder is great for catching the ashes of your incense or smudging stick and holding your candles. This tray is decorated with a wide array of Celtic designs, including a Triskele, and three images of Pan’s head. This holder measures 7 inches in width.

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Measuring approximately 6 inches in diameter, this Pentacle Candle Holder Altar Plate is the perfect addition to your sacred space! An elegant combination of mystical symbolism with practical use, this altar plate displays a pentagram, with five smaller pentagrams settled at each of its points to hold tealight candles.

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Bring the energy of the cosmos into your sacred space with this simple Pentagram Taper Candle Holder. Shaped like a star, the base of the candle holder provides stability for your spell candles!

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Keep your pillar candles safe and secure with this Spiked Pilar Candle Holder. Made from nickel-plated brass or solid brass, this candle holder features a spiked center. Simply press your candle into the spiked pin to secure it in place! This holder measures 2″ x 1/2″. Color chosen is random.

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  • Perfect for yoga and meditation spaces 🙏🏽
  • Natural selenite
  • Fits standard tealight candles
  • Measures 3 1/4" x 3 1/4"
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This highly affordable Seven Pointed Star, also known as the Fairy Star, Candle Holder is crafted out of pressed metal and is perfect for holding 6″ taper candles! It can also be adjusted to hold chime candles and larger taper candles!

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These White Ceramic Chime Candle Holders are the best holders for your chimes because they act as energy or spell boosters! This is because of their pure, white color and energy. I recommend these for all of your chime candles!

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  • Great for holding chime candles 🕯
  • Perfect for Astro Witches 🌟
  • 100% pewter ⭐
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