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  • Great for use in protection spells ⚪
  • Grind and add to carpet sprinkles for home protection 🏠
  • 1 lb by weight ⚖️
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  • Sprinkle a little in your wallet to bring in money 💰
  • Dress green candles during money spells 🕯
  • 1 lb bulk, dried basil, by weight ⚖


  • Great for instant spells ⚡
  • Write your wish on the leaf and burn it! 🔥
  • Bulk order of whole bay leaves 🍃
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  • A wonderful addition to protection spells 🟡
  • Great for beauty products 🌟
  • 1 lb ⚖
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  • Makes a great relaxation tea 🍵
  • Whole, dried flowers
  • 1 pound of dried chamomile flower buds
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Warming, sensual, and spicy, cinnamon is a kitchen spice that brings a touch of magick into your life! Simmer it in water, use it in incense, and add it to spells to increase vitality, wealth, protection, and passion! Fueled by the energy of Fire and the Sun, cinnamon is a beautiful herb to have on [...]

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Craft spells for love, strength, friendship, and banishing pain and harmful energies with Clove! Simply add cloves to your favorite sachets, powders, simmer pots, recipes, and more! This is a 1 pound, bulk order of cloves.


Increase the power of magic, enhance your divination, expand your clairvoyance and dream magick, and boost your sex magick with Damiana Leaf. This dried herb comes in bulk for all of your needs and spells!


  • Use in healing work 🙌
  • Great in wish magic ✨
  • 1 lb. by weight ⚖


  • Perfect for protection wards 🏠
  • Great for healing magick 🤍
  • 1 lb. by weight ⚖️
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Planning to brew a ton of ginger tea? Looking for herbs to use in your tea blends? Making ginger tincture for sale? You may need bulk, wholesale dried ginger root. This bulk package contains 1 pound of dried, cut ginger root.

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  • Perfect in love potions 🍵
  • Dried straight from the plant 🌱
  • Bulk order of dried hibiscus flowers 🌺
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Packaged by AzureGreen, this 1 pound bag of whole, dried Jasmine Flowers are excellent for spells to attract love and prosperity. Jasmine is also great when used for divination, particularly that involving dream magic.


  • Great for mojo bags to increase tips or pay! 💰
  • From the Picea abies family 🌲
  • 1 lb, bulk order ⭐
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Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is the universal herb for stress relief, relaxation, and calm. With this 1 pound bag contains whole lavender flowers which are great in spells for healing, love, inner peace, protection, and more!


  • Add to optimism and happiness spells ☀
  • Excellent for making new friends 🍋
  • 1 lb. ⚖
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