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  • A great start for protection magic ⚪
  • Learn to choose and create talismans ⭐
  • 264 pages 📘
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  • Filled with traditional crystal work instructions 💎
  • Fantastic for beginners! 🌟
  • 176 pages 📖
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Customize petitions, letters, cards, spells, rituals, and more with the beautiful stamps and wax seals inside of this Beginner Wax Seal Stamp Kit. This boxed kit includes one blue wax stick, one silver wax stick, one gold wax stick, a wooden handle, and three, interchangeable brass screw on wax seal stamps of the Sun, the Triple [...]


  • Perfect for beginner Wiccans
  • Includes writing prompts to help you explore your craft!
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  • Great for beginners or travelers!
  • 1 stone for each of the 7 chakras!
  • Fits discreetly into your purse or pocket!
  • Always be ready for a quick pick-me-up.
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The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews by Scott Cunningham is a great book for reference and research to any herbalist or Witch of any level! Full of potion recipes, herbal correspondences, and more, this 288 page book contains more than 100 recipes for you to make and work from!

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The Complete Book of Witchcraft, by Raymond Buckland, lives up to its name, as it contains everything you need to know as a beginning Witch! This book acts as a step-by-step guide and workbook to starting your new journey on your new path. The interior of the book includes various exercises, rituals, recipes, and quizzes [...]


Learn to read and interpret the Tarot with this wonderful Easy Tarot Deck & Book Set! Using the popular deck, The Gilded Tarot, this book takes the reader through each suit, thoroughly explaining and interpreting each and every card! This makes a great gift for aspiring tarot readers and experienced readers alike! Not only will [...]

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  • Learn how to integrate magic into everyday life! ✨
  • Great for beginners and intermediate Witches ⭐
  • 208 pages 📖
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Tap into your inner wisdom with Pendulum Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster is a magnificent book for all levels of pendulum use! These series of beginners books are excellent and include great motivating stories as well as exercises for you to practice your innate psychic abilities and pendulum skill! You’ll gain many skills, at [...]


  • Contains everything you need for your first protection spell ⚪
  • Constructed and enchanted by AzureGreen ⚡
  • Perfect for beginners! ✨
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  • Perfect gift for Norse Witches🔮
  • Great beginner guide for runes ✨
  • A 6.9" x 8.9" paperback book with 320 pages 📜
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  • Great for beginners! ⭐
  • Fantastic as a rune reference book! ⚡
  • 162 pages 📖
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  • Perfect for beginners! 🧚🏽‍♂️
  • Cleanse your sacred space safely with: ✨
  • 1 abalone shell
  • 1 carved wooden tripod to hold your abalone shell
  • 1 package of 3" California White Sage
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Allow yourself to be entwined and embraced by the empowering and blessed words of Jane Alexander in her Smudging and Blessing Book. Learn the secrets to smudging away harmful energies and center your life, your three selves, your relationships, and your energy! Learn how to embrace a clear and focused life, and learn beautiful smudging [...]

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  • Popular on WitchTok 🌈
  • Beautifully written for beginners ⭐
  • 247 pages 📖
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