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Bring some royalty to your magickal circle with this beautiful Black Medieval Athame! Equipped with a long, unsharpened blade, cruciform cross guard, and black hilt wrapped in a faux leather finish, this athame appears to be a medieval sword in miniature. Cannot ship to MA or CA.  9″ blade.

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The Eastern Dragon Athame has an elegant appearance and is decorated with the image of a winding oriental dragon and a braided red tassel. The total athame measures 9 1/2″ in length with a 5 1/2″ blade.


  • Styled to resemble ancient spears ⚔️
  • Great for directing energy ⚡
  • 12" long 📏
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This Goddess Athame displays a winged Goddess on its pewter sheath, which perfectly accents the scrollwork and goddess that compose the athame’s ornate hilt. The athame measures 13″ in length with an 8″ blade.


Add a Medieval feel to your ritual and magick with this Gothic Athame. Heavy in weight and decorated in a Gothic styling, this athame has silver inlays over a black handle. This athame measures 9.5″ in length with a 5 1/2″ blade.


  • Work directly with the energies of the Horned God 🦌
  • Measures 7.5 inches in length ⚔️
  • Comes with a leather sheath!
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This ornate Lord’s Sword athame is a wonderful, lightweight tool for rituals and ceremonies, decorated with knightly and Celtic imagery. The full tool measures 18″ in length.

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With a non-slip rubberized grip, this ritual Moon Phase Athame depicts moon phases, bringing their power further into your magic. The athame measures 9 1/2″ in full length with a 5″ blade.


With its handle featuring a man sculpted in the Greek style, this Ornate Greek Athame brings to life the imagery of ancient Greece. The athame measures 8″ in total length with a 4″ blade.


  • Great for high-magick practitioners 🕯
  • Perfect for Renaissance costumes 🛡️
  • 15" in length 📏
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This Pentacle Athame is the perfect tool for directing the energy of your next ritual or spell with the added protective qualities of the pentacle affixed to the blade. The athame measures 7 1/4″ in length with a 3 3/4″ blade.

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Crafted in a Roman-inspired fashion, this Roman Black Handle Athame features a wide, triangular stainless blade almost as wide as its brass cross guard, and has a carved spiral cut black wood handle. This blade comes with a top grain leather sheath and measures 10″ with a 6″ blade.


Bring the energy of creation into your sacred space with this impressive Rosewood Damascus Steel Athame! This dagger features a wide flat blade and rosewood hilt. This ritual tool measures 12″ overall, and the blade measures 7 1/2″. The blade must be kept oiled to prevent rust.

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This double-edged, kriss style Egyptian athame features an Egyptian god and goddess motif as its hilt, with wings and scarab as its hand guard. This blade has no edge and cannot be sharpened. Crafted from stainless steel, this athame’s full length measures 12 1/4″ including the 8″ blade.


With a classically designed, stainless steel leaf-shaped blade, this Simple Black Wooden Handled Athame has a black, faux-wood handle that leaves it with the impression of being a huntsman’s knife, and comes with a leather sheath. It measures approximately 9.5″ with a 5″ blade.


  • Pre-sharpened ⚔️
  • Great for directing energy ⚪
  • 6" in length 📏