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Hematite is a fantastic grounding and balancing stone, in terms of aura, magnetism, physical flow, and mental stability! Hematite aids in blood circulation, correction of personal magnetism and energy, and much more! Simply from wearing hematite for juts one day, many people have reported better moods, feelings, and concentration! This Magnetic Hematite Anklet, chosen at [...]


Heal and balance yourself on all levels of your being with this beautiful Magnetic Hematite Colored Bead Anklet. Measuring at 4.25″ and beaded on an elastic band, this anklet features beautifully colored glass beads and strong magnetic hematite stones. Anklets are sold individually and are randomly chosen.

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Enhance your sacred space clearing with this Silvertone Anklet with Bells! Measuring 11″, its a perfect fit for any Witch who takes love and care when cleansing and clearing her home. The sound and vibration of bell tolls clear neutralize and raise harmful energies to their highest point, and the tone of the bells attracts [...]