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Ideal for use as a trivet for hot items on your altar or as a symbol of mysticism and magic, this large silver-tone cut-out pentacle altar tile is perfect for any altar. Measures 5.75 inches.

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Intricately woven and carved, this Pentacle Altar Tile measures 3″ in diameter and is perfect to act as an pentacle plate or coaster for your candles or incense! Measures 3″ x 3/8″.

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This wonderfully carved and stained Pentacle Wooden Altar Tile will fit in even the smallest of altar spaces and act as a focus for your workings. This wooden tile makes a great centerpiece for any altar, especially Earth dedicated altars! Carved from wood, this tile measures 4″ in diameter.

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  • Great for empowering ritual tools ⚔️
  • Perfect for compact altars 📦
  • 3 inches in diameter ⭐
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This Soapstone Triple Moon Altar Tile measures at 3 inches in diameter and is the perfect earth piece for your altar! Assorted colors.

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This Soapstone Triquetra Altar Tile, carved of soapstone, measures 3″ in diameter and is a wonderful symbol of mind, body and spirit and the Triple Goddess.

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This Triple Moon Altar Tile is an elegant addition to any altar or sacred space. Made of silver-plated brass, it beautifully displays the sacred triple moon symbol while measuring 3.5″ in diameter.