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Magical Properties of Mulberry | Mulberry Materia Magicka

Mulberries closely resemble another favorite backyard berry, the blackberry. The difference? Mulberries grow on trees👉

Love Potion #13: Iced Hibiscus Cinnamon Tea Potion Magickal Recipe

Love potions just got a modern twist! Whether it’s getting hot in here because of👉

Candle Magick Candle Color Meanings

Have you ever wondered about the significance behind the candle color meanings? Wondering if you’re👉

#WiccanChat Recap: Books on Witchcraft

Read our magickal #WiccanChat recap below, and feel like you were part of the magick! Follow👉

Magickal Correspondences of Butter | Butter Materia Magicka

Who doesn’t love butter! It makes moon cookies flaky, it is delicious in butter coffee,👉

Magickal Properties of Chocolate

We’ve all heard the phrase “A little chocolate a day keeps the doctor at bay,”👉

Chamomile Relaxation and Empowerment Meditation

Chamomile, also known as Scented Mayweed, is a widely-used calming and empowering herb. When steeped👉

Simple Wiccan Quarter Correspondences

Ready to cast that spell you’ve been eyeing? Excited to work with the energies that👉

Day of the Week Magickal Correspondences

To the Witch, each day of the week is more than just another day for👉