A rustic setting showcasing wholesome ingredients, with a whimsical take on culinary essentials: the metaphysical properties of butter.

Magickal Correspondences of Butter | Butter Materia Magicka

Who doesn’t love butter! It makes moon cookies flaky, it is delicious in butter coffee, and it’s basically “vegetarian bacon”. Popularized by Bulletproof, Paula Deen, and the internet, butter holds a beautiful place in the world of magick!

While eating too much can cause heart diseases, it can cause an opening of the heart when used in spells!

Wondering how? Here’s our list of the Magickal Correspondences and Magickal Properties of Butter!

This is part of our own Materia Magicka! Consider this entry part of the pantry of magickal household items!

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Magickal Correspondences of Butter | Butter Materia Magicka

Gender of Butter

  • Feminine

Elements that Rule Butter

  • Water
  • Earth

Planets that Rule Butter

  • Moon

Signs that Rule Butter

  • Cancer

Deities that Rule Butter

  • Ea
  • Agricultural Gods and Goddesses

Chakras that work with Butter

  • Heart

Butter’s Magickal Properties

  • Smoothes and soothes energies and relationships
  • Increases tenacity
  • Makes change easier
  • Increases spirituality and connection to Deity on the physical plane
  • Adds a nurturing, smooth quality to spells
  • Can be an easy kitchen witch go-to spell: Simply roll butter in herbs and empower it for your spell. Serve with bread!
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