Delicate chamomile blossoms spread on a wooden surface, symbolizing tranquility and natural wellbeing, promoting a peaceful meditation practice with a witchy charm.

Chamomile Relaxation and Empowerment Meditation

Chamomile, also known as Scented Mayweed, is a widely-used calming and empowering herb. When steeped in water and drank as a calming tea, it relaxes us, it calms our anxieties, and it allows us to see the larger picture and how we can succeed for our highest good.

This Chamomile Empowerment Guided Meditation allows us to directly connect to the energy of Chamomile! Similar to working with crystals, we allow the relaxing, calming energy of Chamomile to align with ours, opening us up to a clear vision of what we should do next. We’re so glad to share this with you!

Simply record yourself reading this meditation, and you’ll have your very own guided meditation!

Chamomile Relaxation and Empowerment Meditation

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Part 1: Relaxation Countdown:

  1. Sit or lie down in your favorite meditative position. You can sit with your legs crossed and back straight. You can sit with your feet flat on the floor. If it’s comfortable for you, you can lie down in a comfortable position.
  2. Now, close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Enjoy the way the breath feels as you exhale.
  3. Slowly inhale and move your awareness to the top of your head. Exhale and relax your scalp.
  4. Inhale deeply and relax your forehead and your eyebrows as you exhale.
  5. Bring your awareness to your eyes. Relax them. Relax your cheeks. Relax your ears. Relax your tongue and mouth. Relax your jaw and your neck, rolling your awareness down into your neck and shoulders.
  6. Feel your neck relax, and feel all of the tension melt from your shoulders, shoulder blades, and upper back.
  7. Inhale deeply into your heart and allow your chest to melt into the love and relaxation that you feel in this moment.
  8. Relax your arms all the way down to your fingertips.
  9. Relax your abdomen muscles. Relax your back. Feel waves of relaxation roll down your spine.
  10. Inhale. Exhale. Feel your hips relaxing and melting into the chair, the floor, or the bed beneath you. Relax your thighs. Relax your knees. Relax your calves.
  11. Inhale. Exhale and relax your ankles, your feet, and finally relax your toes.
  12. Feel waves of relaxation wash away all of the tension that remains in your body. Inhale and enjoy this moment of stillness.
  13. Now, imagine that the warm sun is drying your body, getting rid of the last bits of tension in your muscles. Feel your heart open to the love of The Universe.

Part 2: Empowerment Meditation:

  1. Shift your attention to your mind’s eye — the spot in the center of your forehead, between your eyes, where you imagination exists. This is your mind’s eye.
  2. In your mind’s eye, see a door. Open that door and walk into the beautiful, green field that is now before you.
  3. Walk around for a moment. What do you see? Do you see trees? Maybe you see a river. Perhaps a few wildflowers dot the green ground. Continue walking.
  4. Notice the sounds of the animals in the distance; what do they sound like?
  5. Notice the green grass between your toes; what does it feel like?
  6. Find a spot that calls to you. Sit down on the lush, green grass. Feel how the grass feels on your legs and on your hands.
  7. Now, tune back into your body. Where do you sense your anxiety? Any fear? Any uncertainty? Locate those feelings within your body. Acknowledge these feelings. Accept these feelings, and allow them to start flowing away from your mind. Feel those feelings getting further and further away from your mind as they travel down through your neck and down through your shoulders. As they travel, those feelings pick up any anxiety and tension that exists in your body along the way down.
  8. Feel your anxiety leaving your body by flowing down and out through your fingertips and through toes. Feel it entering the ground to be grounded into the earth to be transformed into beautiful, healthy white flowers all around you.
  9. Look around at the beautiful, white garden that is now all around you. Look at the bright, white petals and strong yellow centers of these flowers. Notice that all of these chamomile flowers are giving their attention to you. Notice how the attention of each flower makes you feel warm.
  10. Now, notice how much each of those flower’s centers reminds you of the warm, loving, attentive Sun.
  11. Shift your focus away from those beautiful flowers and look up into the sky. Look towards the bright Sun. You notice how it warms and empowers things to grow on Earth. Notice how it warms you. Notice how it empowers you. Notice how it feels like a hug. Feel the happiness that you receive from the hug.
  12. Place your hands on your belly, on your solar plexus. Visualize a tiny sun in the center of your solar plexus. Feel it growing larger. Feel it growing brighter. Feel that light, feel that Sun growing warmer. Feel the love, strength, warmth, and personal attention that you felt when you looked at the Sun and at those Chamomile flowers.
  13. Now, feel that warm feeling growing inside of you.
  14. Feel the tiny, personal sun in your solar plexus opening up. Feel and visualize that tiny sun blooming into a beautiful, white petaled flower. Feel your own love, strength, warmth, and personal empowerment growing larger and larger.
  15. Let the feeling of Chamomile’s strength wash over you. Know that you have this warm, strong energy inside of you, always. Know that you are strong. You are brave. You are bright. You are smart, and you are loved. Know that You Can.
  16. Stand up and thank the Chamomile flowers for absorbing your harmful energy. Thank the Sun for giving you strength.
  17. Return to your mind and return to your body.
  18. Take a moment to inhale and deeply exhale. Slowly, wiggle your toes. Slowly, move your arms. Slowly, sit up, and feel the warmth you felt in your meditation.
  19. You are empowered!

Copyright 2016 Jennifer “Aurora Moone” McDonald / All Rights Reserved.

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