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Magickal Properties of Watermelon | Watermelon Materia Magicka

Filled with water and imbued with water, the deliciously sweet Watermelon contains a handful of great magickal properties!

Starting out as a sacred melon in Egypt, America’s favorite summer fruit has roots in ongoing evolution, growth, and enlightenment through healing!

Wondering how?

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Magickal Correspondences of Watermelon | A Materia Magicka

Latin name

  • Citrullus lanatus

Folk Name

  • Pepo (botanical name)


  • Feminine Energy


  • Water


  • Moon


  • Cancer
  • Pisces


  • Set
  • Yemaya


  • Heart
  • Sacral

Watermelon’s Magical Properties

  • All-purpose Healing: Simply cut or juice the fruit and consecrate the earth medicine for healing!
  • Clearing Energy Blockages: Create a juice or smoothie out of the fruit; as you drink, visualize the juice flowing through your body with ease.
  • Inspiring Peace: Give a gift of a personal, organic melon to someone who needs peace in their life. If the recipient also needs inspiration, give a yellow watermelon!
  • Helping Spirits Move On: In some Hawaiian cultures, it’s customary to roll a melon out of the front door of your home when a loved one passes away.
  • Lust: For men, this fruit contains compounds that are similar to viagra! For women, the growth of a melon symbolizes the womb.
  • Releasing Heavy Emotion: Meditate on your heavy emotion with this fruit in your palms or on your lap. Afterwards, drink the juice it, visualizing all heavy emotion in your heart being washed away as the juice goes down.

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