How to cleanse tarot cards by putting them in order

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards – The Re-Ordering Method1 min read

Tarot cards are a psychic (and Witch’s) best friend! We can use them to understand lessons that we cannot yet see, and we can use them to discover if a spell is worth performing! Just like with crystals, tarot cards also handle and store energy; thus, they should be cleansed often! There are many ways to cleanse tarot cards. You can clean you cards with sage, white light, or by doing a major reset and re-ordering them! This is a quick tutorial on how to cleanse your tarot deck by re-ordreing it.

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards – The Re-Ordering Method

Frequency: Once a month

  1. Sort your tarot cards by suit.
  2. Organize your Major Arcana cards in order.
  3. Bless them with white light. (#Bless)
  4. Put each of your tarot suit piles in order. #Bless each suit after you re-order them
  5. Re-stack your cards and bless them!
  6. Shuffle + use your favorite tarot spread!

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