Broom stands upright on its own in a curious display of the broom balance challenge: when household objects mimic magical levitation, a new age product found in metaphysical shops!

Witches defy gravity this Summer Solstice with the Broom Balance Challenge

Leave it to a Witch to make a broom balance outside of the Equinox! These beautiful Goddesses and Gods who walk on our Earth, or Malkuth, Plane put their power to the test and made their besoms stand up straight during the Summer Solstice of 2017!

I thought that the balancing broom trick was only possible on the Equinox!

Before now, it was believed that the broom trick would only be possible when the Moon and Sun were in perfect balance on the Equinox. We debunked that and proved that willpower alone is enough to make a broom stand!

How do we know that it takes willpower to make a broom stand up on its own?

Many of our Wiccan Sisters and Brothers let us know that if they couldn’t get their broom to stand all they had to do was focus and tell the broom what to do!

Checkout these badass Witches doing the Standing Broom Trick:

1. This Goddess Jessica Martinez.

Equinox Broom Standing Jessica Martinez

2. This talented Witch, Anita Parry Cooper.

Summer Solstice Balance Anita Parry Cooper

3. This powerful magick:

Equinox broom balance Shantelle Bird Poirer

4. Terral Scott’s clever use of a selenite wand:

Equinox Besom Balance Terral Scott

“I used selenite wand on myself then the broom. I am practicing with other things.”

5. Can we just give a shout out to Danielle Roger’s power?

Summer Solstice Broom Challenge Danielle Rogers

6. Carmen Gomez. You’re slaying this challenge right now:

Don’t believe us? Explain these crazy angled brooms’ staying power:

1. Seriously; gravity doesn’t stand a chance against Haydee’s charms:

Solstice Broom Trick Haydee Haydee

2. Or EL Bgic Allen’s:

Solstice Broom Balance EL Bgic Allen

3. Don’t judge a broom by it’s height. Jessica Lumpkins’ broom has staying power:Summer Solstice Broom Stand Jessica Lumpkins

4. Last, but certainly not least OR least powerful, Jessica Kathleen’s lean:


Thank you, everywitch, for sharing your magick with us!

Have you ever tried this?

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2 thoughts on “Witches defy gravity this Summer Solstice with the Broom Balance Challenge

  1. Jenny Miller says:

    Hi, this is not strictly relevant to this post, and I apologize for that. I could not find a good way to respond to an email I just got from you.

    Can you please not call them “smudge sticks”? It’s cultural appropriation, and I see witches everyday blacklisting stores for listing them that way. You can call them sage bundles, or cleansing bundles.

    I really like your store and don’t want to see it get ignore because of one mistake. 🙂 <3

    • Aurora Moone says:

      Hi Jenny!

      You bring up a beautiful point!

      It continues to be our hope that everyone on Earth can move towards a place of true coexistance, but we know that that we can’t rush such a large shift in our timeline. One thing that we can do is become more sensitive to today’s cultures in hopes to bring true balance and understanding, through knowledge.

      While some companies that we sell directly call their products “Smudge Sticks”, others that we sell do not. We will definitely move towards calling the non-branded bundles “sage bundles” in a movement towards neutrality and education.

      Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! We’ll start working through this change as soon as possible!

      In Deepest Love + Brightest Light,
      Aurora Moone

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