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Magickal Correspondences of Oregano

Warm, soothing, comforting, tasty, and magickal, oregano conjures up vibrations of love, family, and happiness.

Oregano is a popular herb used in Italian food, and this makes sense; after all, doesn’t Italian food bring the family together in the best way?

Oregano is a powerful herb that can be used in friendship spells, spells to help people fall deeper into love, kitchen witchcraft, and so much more!

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Magickal Correspondences of Oregano | Materia Magicka

Latin Name

  • Origanum vulgare

Folk Names

  • Wild marjoram
  • Rigani
  • Bastard marjoram
  • Greek oregano
  • Pot marjoram


  • Female


  • Air


  • Mercury
  • Venus


  • Taurus


  • Aphrodite


  • Heart Chakra

Magical Properties Of Oregano

  • Courage: Bathe in an infusion of the herb to calm your nerves and give you clarity to move forward in the face of adversity.
  • Happiness: Add it to happiness charms to invoke instant feelings of joy.
  • Forget Old Lovers: Pinch leaves off of the plant, smell the scent, and let the leaf drop out of your hands.
  • Justice: Burn dried leaves and send intentions through the smoke that justice will be served.
  • Letting Go: Burn the incense and decorate your loved one’s grave with the plant to help you let go and to help them move on.
  • Love: Add it to love potions and spells to help deepen an existing relationship.
  • Luck: Dress a candle or good luck charm with oregano essential oil to expedite good luck.
  • Protection: Grind up dried leaves and add them to your carpet sprinkle to aid in protecting your home.
  • Psychic Dreams: Tuck a few sprigs into your pillow to help conjure prophetic dreams.
  • Tranquility: Keep potted plants in rooms that experience high tension. Its energy will lessen the effects of any harmful words, thoughts, and vibes.

What are some of your favorite ways to use it in your magickal working? Let us know in the comments below!

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