Magickal Correspondences of Bay Leaves | Bay Laurel Materia Magicka

Bring amazing amounts of magick to your life, your food, and your wallet by using bay laurel in your spells and kitchen witchcraft!

Bay Laurel is an amazing herb that contains the power to grant wishes, clear space of harmful energy, and bring you prosperity!

We bet you didn’t know that gumbo was so powerful, did you?

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Magickal Correspondences of Bay Leaves | Materia Magicka

Latin Name

  • Laurus nobilis


  • Masculine


  • Fire


  • Sun


  • Leo


  • Apollo
  • Daphne
  • Gaia
  • Peneus


  • Third Eye
  • Solar Plexus

Magickal Properties Of Bay Leaves

  • Grants Healing Abilities: Wear the leaves when you are performing healing to have your power amplified.
  • Protection: Burn the leaves to exorcise harmful energies, or use the fresh leaves do sprinkle blessed, Florida, or Moon water to create a sacred space.
  • Psychic Enhancement: Sleep with the leaves in your pillowcase to bring psychic dreams.
  • Success: Wear or carry the leaves to help you be successful in any endeavor; visualize yourself as a winner of the original Greek Pythian and Olympic games with a beautiful laurel wreath upon your head!
  • Wish-craft: Write a wish on a bay leaf and light it on fire. Visualize your wish coming true as the leaf turns into energy and ash.

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