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What are the Best Essential Oils for Your Skin and Face?

Just as in rituals, essential oils are also used in skin care. You can mix and match and make up your own serum that fits your skin’s needs. Choosing your own, personalized blend can be fun! That’s the beauty of the unique benefits of each oil.

How do I prep essential oils for topical use?

Due to the high concentration of essential oils, we do not recommend applying the essential oils directly onto your face. Instead, you should always dilute essential oils in a carrier oil and dilution rates can vary, depending on your usage. Don’t worry, I’ll help you out here.

Check out this essential oil dilution guide!

Check out my guide to carrier oils.

How do I choose the best essential oil that works best for my face skin?

Choosing an essential oil is not only based on the scent but on your skin type, so take a moment and pull your attention to your skin.

Things like the time of year and where you live can play a role. When picking an oil never chose synthetic or fragrance oils, always get pure oils. Like a ritual, choosing your essential oil should be fun! (PS: Here’s my favorite Natural Serum Recipe.)

Lavender Essential Oil: What can it do for my skin?

Lavender oil protects the skin from environmental stress, helps the body adapt to stress, and relieves tight itchy skin. It also cleanses and helps heal skin irritations.

Geranium Essential Oil: What can it do for my skin?

Geranium oil is an anti-fungal and disinfectant! It works to regulate oil production, promote blood circulation, reduce redness, and calm itching.

Neroli Essential Oil: What can it do for my skin?

Neroli oil is a natural antiseptic that helps balance oil production and shrinks pores without drying out skin.

Rose Essential Oil: What can it do for my skin?

Rose oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great moisturizer for sensitive skin. It works to calm redness, tone the skin, and help refine skin texture.

Myrrh Essential Oil: What can it do for my skin?

Myrrh oil is an anti-inflammatory; it works wonders with chapped skin, rashes, improving skin tone, and reducing pigmentation of the skin.

Tea Tree Essential Oil: What can it do for my skin?

Tea Tree oil is our favorite antibacterial oil. It helps with wound cleaning and reducing acne. As a mild disinfectant, it’s an all-natural fix for acne and blackheads.

Bergamot Essential Oil: What can it do for my skin?

Bergamot oil stimulates healing by being a natural antiseptic, making this natural potion good for reducing acne scars.

Juniper Essential Oil: What can it do for my skin?

Juniper oil is incredibly cleansing; it prevents infections and speeds healing time.

What can Ylang Ylang Essential Oil do for my skin?

Ylang Ylang oil minimizes breakouts, controls oil production, and helps regenerate cells.

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