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My First Time To The Astral Plane: A Real Experience

Everybody has a first time for everything. My first time to the Astral Plane takes place during my initial year and a day training, but in order for you to get the full spectrum of what this story entails, we will have to go back a lot further than my training. Don’t worry; it will be well worth it.

Remember, not everyone’s experience is like mine. I like to tell my story because not every trip to the astral plane is pretty. You may never experience this, but it’s always best to be prepared. Just like with an Ouija board, trans-plane travel can unlock a mess if you’re not smart or careful.

Ever since I was four years old, I would have realistic dreams of places. Nobody would be in these places, so I would explore inside the houses. Sometimes I would be crawling with caution (I wouldn’t know why in till later in my life), or be just walking around as if I knew where I was going. These experiences would turn out to be the only dreams I would remember from my childhood.

Here comes the odd part. Have you ever had Deja Vu?

Every dream and every experience I had in those dreams I would come to experience as the years go by. It always happens this way — I suddenly have the “deja vu” feeling, and it hits me like a hard slam; bang, I’m in my dream again. In shock, I watch this exact same scene as I did all those years ago.

What’s happening? Well, this is one small experience that happened to me in the Astral Plane. But that’s in due time.

My next massive experience happened in my training period, in which, I was learning about some of my past lives. During these sessions, with the Goddess’ help, I learned about my past children, my past loves, who I was, and what I did. In some of these lives, I wasn’t a very kind person. This made sense because in some of these past lives, I dealt with many dark individuals, entities, and spirits. What was interesting is that even though I didn’t remember these entities, some still remembered me well.

Let me pause here; I know all this sounds pretty strange, especially if you don’t believe in reincarnation and souls being intertwined; for you, it might sound worse than strange.

Let’s enter the journey of visiting the Astral Plane with an open mind.

My First Time Going to the Astral Plane

My first time to visit the Astral Plane wasn’t planned. It was totally by accident. However, it will be something that I will never forget.

It happened while I was in my first year and a day of training. I was meditating in my bedroom while my girlfriend was taking a nap. I was trying to focus on calling the Goddess to me again.

Suddenly, my body felt lighter, and a sudden flash of light hit me. Next, I was flying through a huge tunnel with hundreds of colors flashing by me. I remember twisting and turning as I followed the tunnel’s path. Finally, it took me a minute or two get my bearings; it felt like I’ve been flying for a long time.

At this moment, the tunnel opened up, and I was in the Astral Plane.

The sky was a blueish, purple, and orange mix intertwined with clouds, thick and soft to the touch. I realized that I was still flying, but I couldn’t see land in any direction. Straight ahead of me, I could make out something that was blurry and dark at first. Soon, storm clouds were closing in on me. I realized that this was my moment of clarity.

The closer I got to it, the clearer I could see it. What I saw was a two-story, broken-down, white Victorian house. It’s siding was broken and hanging in places, and each piece was covered in black. Under this house, there was no ground; it was just floating in the clouds. I felt that something was very off about this house. I felt uneasy, and yet, it looked familiar.

I couldn’t stop myself from heading to this house.

When landed on the front porch, a feeling of dread quivered down my spine. I knew I shouldn’t be here, yet I felt like I was here for a reason. I decided to be as quiet as I could as I tried to figure out why I was here. I took a deep breath and grabbed the handle of the front door. I slowly turned the handle and opened the door just a bit.

A shadow suddenly walked past the door. My heart dropped to my feet. After a few moments of waiting for the shadow to leave, I quickly went in and made a left. I found a staircase. Crouching down, trying my best to stay quiet, I went up the stairs to the upper hall.

Suddenly, I had a flashback about this exact moment in my dream as a kid. Cue deja vu.

The main house was an open floorplan, so I was able to look down to the main floor. There, I could see a fire burning in the center of the room. The atmosphere was dark and took me a minute to locate everyone in the room. Once I could see, I noticed that there were four people talking, three men and a woman. They were wearing all black. The men wore black pants, black torn shirts, had long hair, and wore long black coats. The woman had on a short black skirt, a black top, a few medal necklaces, and a black coat. Their eyes were completely white. Yes. WHITE. No pupils. Just all white.

One of the men was very angry. He was pacing the floor yelling at the other two guys while the woman was trying to calm him down. I noted him as the leader of the group. He was mad because someone had gotten away. He was saying “How the hell could you let him escape? Do you know what he is capable of?”

The other two men were trying to not make it sound as bad, but he wasn’t having it. He dismissed them by yelling “Get out of my sight!” Both of them disappeared.

It was then that I felt I needed to get out of there as soon as I could. I turned around, bundled up, closed my eyes, and thought about returning to my body.

Returning From The Astral Plane

In a flash, I was back in my body. I was absolutely positive that wasn’t just a dream. Everything felt too real. I realized that I needed to lie down and think about what I just experienced. I had to admit that it was a bit too much for my senses, so I closed my eyes to rest.

When I woke up, my girlfriend was looking at me smiling in an off way.

“Hey, what’s going on?” I asked.

She replied in an off, but familiar, voice “Just watching you sleep. It has always fascinated me how you humans sleep.”

I was startled. What an odd thing to say. Then, it hit me; this was the voice of the woman from the Astral Plane house.

“What have you done with her? What do you want?” I replied.

“Don’t worry, she’s in here. Just not in control at the moment. And I just want to have some fun with you before I have to take you back with me. Why don’t you come here?”

“No, I don’t understand why you want me, but you’re not welcome here. So, leave or I’m going to have to make you leave.”

She responded in a sad, mocking voice “Ah, Come on. Are you going to get Mama Moon to take care of me? Because you’re nowhere near as powerful as before. I don’t think you got what it takes to get rid of me.”

For the next thirty minutes, I tried, unsuccessfully, to get the entity to leave my girlfriends body. I was at my wit’s end. I was mad and upset that I couldn’t do anything to help her or myself.

It was then that I heard The Goddess’ voice telling me to stand up and fight. I suddenly remembered that I had holy water. I grabbed the blessed water, opened it, and proceeded to sprinkle it on to my girlfriend. I prayed fervently out loud for the Goddess’ light to come and send this evil back.

My girlfriend’s inhabitant began screaming, yelling profanities, trying to overpower me, and trying to hurt me. Luckily, the holy water worked in preventing all harm. After what seemed like forever, this was over.

I learned that the astral plane is not a toy. I knew I had to grow and get much better if I to protect myself and loved ones.

Lessons Learned about Astral Travel

After this, there were many more encounters entities who wanted to harm me or someone else. Over the years, I’ve faced off with shadow people, spirits, elementals, angels, and demonic forces.

While everyone’s journey to the Astral Plane and their past lives is different, there are some things you can do to protect yourself and others.

How to Protect Yourself when you Astral Project

  1. If you are going to open doorways into the astral or spiritual plane, be sure you close the doors when you’re done, and lock them if you can. This will prevent spirits or entities to come through.
  2. Learn some protection spells. These will help keep away spells cast against you and entities you don’t want to mess with.
  3. Get a blessed amulet. This will help as the last defense.
  4. Get or make Holy water.
  5. Learn as much as you can in your craft. This goes without saying. But knowledge is power. Especially when it has to deal with your craft.

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