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The Best Crystals to Use in the Workplace

Something we have all felt at some point is work-related stress. Difficult co-workers, a supervisor’s wrath, and being denied promotions or raises are things that everyone experiences. When it comes to personal matters like health or romantic issues, we don’t hesitate to use crystals. Why shouldn’t we use them for work, as well?

Today, I’ll pass on my insight on what crystals and stones are the best crystals for work.

What crystals and stones are best to use at work?

Crystals can boost your confidence, enhance your creativity, smooth over rough spots between co-workers, and more. The good news? Crystals are as easy to use as carrying one in your pocket, placing crystals on your desk, or placing them around the workplace. The even better news? These crystals are not just for the work environment; they can help if you are self-employed, too.

This guide is an a introduction to useful stones, the issues they can affect, and how to use them for the most powerful results. In short, this is your cheat sheet for the best crystals for the office!

Crystals for business success, increasing your income or job security:


Bloodstone has been used for business success since the Middle Ages. It can be carried in a pocket, purse or worn as jewelry. For increased profits, keep one in the cash register or in your company’s accounting department. Pieces of hematite also work very well for this.

Green Aventurine, Green Tourmaline, Jade, Green Quartz, or any green crystal

Green crystals are all great for increasing or stabilizing wealth. Carry them wherever you carry money, debit/credit cards, or your checkbook; they work well in pockets, purses, cash registers, the accounting department, or simply keep one where you will see it often. Incidentally, Green Quartz crystals also enhance creativity.

Crystals for job interviews, raises, promotions:


Celestite helps with eloquence and communication with co-workers. Keep one near the computer when writing sales pitches, emails, etc.

Office crystals for aggressive co-workers, intimidating supervisors, or self-defense when you are being taken advantage of:

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye was worn by Roman soldiers going into battle. It has protective qualities and builds courage. Try to find a piece of jewelry, such as a ring or pendant, with a piece of Tiger’s Eye in it.


Sunstone is very protective and fills the user with positive energy. Keep one in the office with a white candle, if possible; however, it is more powerful when carried in a bag with healing herbs, such as rosemary or sage.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is not only protective but is also known for being a “vacuum cleaner” of negative energies, making it doubly useful. The black rods absorb negativity from the space and pull it away from you. It is best carried in a pocket or held in the hand while visualizing a bubble of protection around you.

Crystals charisma during speaking, composing letters, emails or sales pitches:


Carnelian promotes harmony and lessens jealousy and anger; it is also excellent for enhancing communication skills. It is most powerful as an amulet that can be worn to work.

For keeping the peace in the office:


Selenite is wonderful for promoting reconciliation. Charge it under a full moon and keep in an area where workers congregate, such as breakrooms. Better yet, gift one large enough to be used as a paperweight to the co-worker with whom you have issues.


Sodalite is used for healing and peace-making and for combatting stress and anger. Physically rub one over your body or on your temples.

When traveling for business:


Moonstone works best during the waxing moon phases and less so when the moon is waning. It offers protection during travel, so wear or carry it when you must go out of town, keep one in your car or suitcase, and if traveling by boat or flying overseas, keep it on your person until you arrive at your destination safely.


Chalcedony protects the wearer from accidents in general, including while traveling. As with moonstones, keep one in your suitcase while flying or in your vehicle while driving.

For general work stress:


Amethyst helps with important meetings or interviews when you sleep with one under your pillow the night before. In times of stress, hold one in your nondominant hand and imagine calm vibes flowing into you. It works best when touching bare skin.

Now, you have the power of crystals and crystal energy on your side to help you stay focused at work!

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