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How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle in 2021

Guest Post by Janine Pichetterik

Ready to live a healthy lifestyle? Our number 1 tip is to change and remove what is no longer working in your life. Let go and liberate yourself from everything that holds you back! Change your habits. Remove yourself from toxic spaces. In 2021, we’ll have the power to own our lives; we don’t have to tip-toe around things we don’t like. Let go, and walk away. If it seems hard, don’t worry; you don’t have to do it all at once! 

How do I live a healthy digital lifestyle?

Living a healthy digital lifestyle can be as easy as stepping away from social media. 

We may not realize this, but sometimes, our favorite pastime pulls us into toxic thought patterns. News articles cause us to doom scroll. Fashion trends cause us to second-guess our own beauty. Companies like Facebook sometimes profit from our negative reactions, causing us to be exposed to more negativity than positivity.

We often forget how good life is because our vision is filled with world-ending, image-altering scenarios. 


Instead of spending hours scrolling instead of connecting, directly text your friends and family. Connection without the help of an app creates the most authentic experience — this is what your higher self craves.

How do I live a healthy mental lifestyle?

Having a healthy mindset can be as easy as thinking about yourSelf first. What is best for you?

Learning about what is best for yourSelf will help you navigate a vast sea of products that claim to be for your highest good. Will a “30-day pill to restore your health” work for you? Probably not. Only you and your health professionals can make that decision.


When you encounter something that seems too good to be true, intentionally ask yourself, “Do I need this right now?” “Is this right and healthy for me?” “What do I need right now?” Then, listen and feel. You’ll be surprised at the answer that comes from deep inside your heart. When in doubt, always ask a mental health professional. Then, empower yourself to say “no” to anything that negatively impacts your mental health.

The ancient ways had to do with the connection with oneself. They relied on the relationship between humans and seasons, the weather, the land and native herbs, fruits, animals, water, etc. Including the connection with the cosmic spheres, the alignment of the stars, expansion of consciousness, and the effect on the human body’s rhythm. 

How to Live a Fully Healthy Lifestyle in 2021

Connect to your Self

Get to know yourself – aka your spirit, your nature, your internal GPS, your intuition. Become aware of the inner voice that empowers you and the one that disempowers you – one is your higher self/the universe, and the other is your ego/programmed self. Once you do, choose the voice that inspires you to be your best self in this human body.


Meditate, ask yourself questions and listen for honest answers, and physically give yourself hugs.

Get Rid of Physical Toxins: Move and Sweat

Movement supports the energy flow in the body, which can assist in the circulation, massage, and activation of the organs, muscles, and tissues. 

Sweating helps release toxins through the skin. In turn, the body asks for electrolytes to hydrate, rejuvenate and revitalize the body (win-win!). 


Movement does not have to be strenuous or high-intensity. You can choose sports, exercises, postures, martial arts, dancing, and types of yoga that feel good to you.

Feed Your Chakras: Eat Nourishing Foods

With so many toxins and chemicals in most of the food and water of our planet, you may think that there is no point in caring for what you eat. 

We say otherwise. 

It is crucial to pay attention to what goes in and what goes out. Sometimes the food you consume can affect your mood, feelings, thoughts, and overall state of being – although it isn’t always obvious. 


Eat what makes you feel light and energized, eat until you are satisfied (not to the point you are incapable of taking another bite), and eat as many whole foods as possible (no boxed food with ingredients you cannot even read). Try eating whole foods that correspond to your chakras to help them stay balanced!

Balance your Energy: Nourishment Beyond Food 

Food is not the only thing you consume – media, vibes, sounds, and other possible pollutants enter your system on a minute-by-minute basis.


What you watch, listen to, the words you use, and where you invest your time/focus matters. Words are energy. Sounds are energy. Visuals are energy. Make an effort to block out energy that is not yours by shielding, setting aside self quiet time, meditating, or taking a retreat.

Most importantly: Pay attention to what nourishes your entire being.

Spend some quality time by yourself. In a world where we are encouraged to socialize and meet up often, one usually gets overwhelmed without even knowing. 

It is vital to start checking in with what you desire, where you want to go, and start taking steps (small or big) towards that vision. Place your focus on only what nourishes you – ingest, speak, watch and be only what nourishes and enlivens you – and let the healthy lifestyle live you.

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