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Confessions of a New Witch, Part 4: My Astrologer Made Me A Better Pagan Parent

My next confession: My daughter is, ummm, intense. It’s possible that I may also be slightly, well, intense. The two of us together can get interesting.

I have been studying different aspects of my natal chart for months, and through this, I have learned so much about myself. Luckily, I have an amazing astrologer who is also a good friend. When I get stuck or confused, she’s been so helpful and supportive. Friendship is magic.

How Astrology helped me Understand my Daughter

While I was learning more and more about the “whys” in my own life, I noticed that I was also getting more and more frustrated in my relationship with my daughter. Yes, she is two years old, and yes, that’s a hard time. However, it was more than that.

My daughter is SO smart. And so stubborn. I kept trying to understand her, but I felt like I kept failing. All the while, I knew one thing to be true: THREE. IS. COMING. (If you’re a parent, you know why that’s terrifying.)

So, I reached out to Ariana from Saltwater Stars and asked for her help.

I wanted to know if she could look at my and my daughter’s chart to give me guidance on our relationship.

I knew, more than anything, I don’t want to crush my daughter’s fierce spirit. However, I do want to help her learn to live with her big emotions. “Was that possible?” I asked.

Can Astrology reconnect family members?

The answer was yes. That reading was a revelation. I am not exaggerating.

First of all, I love that the reading from Ariana was in chat form; I can go back and look at it as often as I need to. Confession: I’ve needed to a lot. Ariana was able to put into words what had been nothing more than half finished sentences that usually ended in some version of UGGGGHHHH!

My daughter’s chart is full of water and earth, but she’s mostly water. Mine is full of water and fire, but I’m mostly fire. This helped — a lot.

This is a glimpse into our natal chart conversation:

a text message conversation between a mother and astrologer to help with pagan parenting

The great news? There was more.

What can family natal charts show?

We went deep, but all of it was focused on how our charts, needs, personalities, and qualities could possibly play out as she grows.

That has helped me so much to have this specific knowledge to fall back on. Yes, of course, as a mother I know that she may not react to things the way that I would. Yet knowing that she’s easily overstimulated while also needing sensory input and that emotional flow – that was a whole other level of understanding.

When I realized that my daughter was having severe meltdowns and sleep issues on Wednesdays I thought back to this reading and a lightbulb went off. She was overstimulated! She loves her preschool, but she can’t help but pick up on all of the emotions coursing through all of the other kiddos there. She needs a break. We started taking Wednesdays off and she’s doing much better.

I was unsure before the session – after all, I want my daughter’s future to lay firmly in her own hands. I was worried that I was somehow crossing a line. But, of course, I needn’t have worried at all. Having our charts read together like this has definitely made me a better mother.

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