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Yoni Eggs — Dangerous? How to choose a Healthy Egg

Yoni. Sacred Space. Feminine Temple. Door of Manifestation. A woman’s genitalia has been regarded as beautiful and sacred for centuries and by many cultures around the world. Unfortunately, many Women are not aware of the amazing force they have within themselves. Many women do not capture the power and beauty of connecting with and healing her own body and sexuality. Enter Women’s health. Enter the Yoni Egg.

What is a Yoni Egg?

Yoni Eggs, or Jade Eggs, are naturally carved and polished eggs that represent fertility, feminine strength, and feminine health. Often used to overcome trauma and to empower a sense of self-love, Yoni Eggs are a more natural and higher-vibrational version of kegel balls! Yes, this means that you can harness the energies and healing benefits of some of your favorite crystals on a more personal level.

Yoni Egg exercises work to improve your pelvic floor strength, improve vaginal moisture, and increase libido while you use it. When you remove the egg, you get a beautiful sensation of what it means to be a Woman. Experiencing the birthing of your Yoni Egg is a very powerful and enriching experience that will transform you into a beautiful Goddess of a Woman!

However, we must keep in mind that not all Yoni Eggs are great for insertion. Some egg-shaped crystals are meant to be used as symbolism or rested above the womb.

Why are Yoni Eggs Dangerous?

Yoni Eggs, themselves, are not dangerous. What is dangerous is making an uneducated purchase about the type of Yoni Egg you should purchase. Only certain crystals and stones are safe for insertion. Some crystals can dissolve in the vagina, others can rust in the vagina, and some crystals are naturally toxic to our internal system.

How do I choose a good Yoni Egg for insertion?

A great rule of thumb is to only insert Yoni Eggs made of crystals that have a Mohs Hardness rating of 6.5 and higher. You can find this number on that crystal’s Wikipedia page.

Natural Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Jade, all Jaspers, Carnelian, and Obsidian eggs are considered safe, though you should always buy from a reputable seller and make an educated choice. If you can safely make a direct gem elixir with the crystal, you can use it as a yoni egg.

What Yoni Eggs should I avoid for insertion?

yoni egg ashy dull not polished dissolved rough
Orange Calcite will dissolve. See the difference from the seller’s picture to after it had been in my body? The calcite dissolved inside my Yoni.

Yoni Eggs that you should NOT insert are:

  • Any cracked or rough eggs
  • Angelite – Toxic. Contains lead.
  • Calcite – Will dissolve slowly. Notice how dull my orange calcite egg is in the article header.
  • Chalcedony – Porous. May hold onto bacteria.
  • Chalcopyrite – Toxic. Contains sulphur.
  • Chrysocolla – Toxic. Contains copper.
  • Dyed Quartz + Crystals – Dye could be toxic.
  • Fluorite – Contains fluorine and sometimes contains toxic chemicals.
  • Galena – Toxic. Contains lead.
  • Hematite – Oxidizes with moisture, will leave rust in your vagina.
  • Labrodorite – Toxic. Contains aluminum.
  • Lapis Lazuli – Contains Pyrite, which can convert to sulfuric acid.
  • Lazurite – Toxic. Contains sulphur.
  • Malachite – Toxic. Contains copper.
  • Orpiment – Toxic. Contains arsenic.
  • Pyrite – Can convert to sulfuric acid.
  • Rhodochrosite – Toxic. Contains lead.
  • Rutilated Quartz – Fibers could be rough or break off. Unpolished rods could harbor bacteria.
  • Selenite – Will dissolve, breaks easily, and is toxic to the body.
  • Sodalite – Toxic. Contains aluminum.
  • Sunstone – Toxic. Contains aluminum.
  • Tiger’s Eye – Asbestos fibers could break off.
  • Tourmalated Quartz – Tourmaline rods could be rough. Harbors bacteria. Could damage skin.
  • Turquoise – Toxic. Contains copper.

Choose your Yoni Egg wisely for your intended purpose! Do your research. Not every Yoni Egg seller will warn you. If you’re going to insert your Yoni Egg, make sure that it is non-toxic and harder than 6.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

Yoni On, Girl!

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