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UAPs & Starseeds: How Do They Get To Earth?


  • The 2023 House Oversight Committee UAP meeting confirmed that UFOs are non-human and contain non-human biologics.
  • Grusch alluded to the probable theoretical ability of interdimensional movement.
  • The concept of Starseeds & Lightworkers is more realistic after today’s governmental news.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) and Starseeds have fascinated the minds of many for centuries.

Starseeds have been thought to transcend down to our dimension from other dimensions or planets to experience life as a Human.

New, public-record information from David Grusch, who served for 14 years as an intelligence officer in the Air Force and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, and David Fravor, a retired Commander in the U.S. Navy who was Commanding Officer of Strike Fighter Squadron Forty-One: the World Famous Black Aces, may help spiritual humankind shed light on the theory of holograms, multi-dimensional location, and multi-dimensional travelmaking the potential conversation around Starseeds more of a reality.

This comprehensive guide delves into the mysterious journey of UAPs & Starseeds to Earth and seeks to provide an enlightening perspective, using new potential discoveries from the 2023 House Oversight Committee’s Whistleblower UAP Committee Meeting.

The term UAP stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, a more formal and open-ended phrase for what is commonly referred to as UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects).

Starseeds, on the other hand, are individuals who believe they originate from another world, dimension, or planet. Let’s dig deeper into these concepts, their origins, and their fascinating interconnections.

Understanding UAPs

UAPs, historically known as UFOs, have been a subject of debate, research, and inquiry for many decades.

These unexplained aerial sightings, often reported as discs, triangles, or shapes that defy conventional description, have captivated public and scientific attention.

We’ve actually seen everything from individual moving light anomalies, which are undocumented on registered sky viewing and spacecraft identification apps such as Night Sky, to organized formations of 5 lights that rapidly and inexplicably shoot off at the perceived speed of light.

Because we have never uncovered a source or explanation of these star-like lights in the sky, we’re referring to them as UAPs.

What Are Starseeds?

Starseeds, on the other hand, are people who feel a strong connection to the stars and other galaxies.

They often feel they are not entirely human, identifying more with celestial entities or extraterrestrial life.

Some say that Starseeds live in multiple dimensions at the same time, which helps explain teleportation anomalies and the ability to have knowledge of something without needing to learn it.

Others say that they are humans who contain non-human DNA, while a smaller set of people state that some non-human beings are simply borrowing a human form.

We, here at Plentiful Earth, get excited about Starseeds because of their apparent super-human abilities of telepathy, energy-sensing abilities, and ESP capabilities.

As we personally know people with these abilities and can do them ourselves, we often shift into a metaphysical approach blended with the philosophical question: Why & how are we here?

UAPs & Starseeds: Extraterrestrial Beings Or Intergalactic Travelers?

The answer: possibly both.

While UFO enthusiasts and New Age practitioners have had many theories over the decades, today, the U.S. and world had a bombshell of new, partially classified UAP data dropped on us that literally confirms:

Are UAPs The Product Of Extraterrestrial Beings Or Advanced Human Technology?

The UAPs discussed in the 2023 hearing are absolutely the product of extraterrestrial, or non-human, beings.

Grush and Fravor both confirmed that the capabilities of the UAPs that were witnessed and publically documented have never been seen nor achieved by any country on Earth.

Do Starseeds Truly Come From Different Star Systems, Or Are They Simply Unique Human Beings?

While we don’t know for sure, new public evidence does rekindle the possibility that humans who have unique abilities could share a common thread with extraterrestrial life.

Whether UAPs are piloted by humans from the future, beings with a similar point on a genetic tree, a higher version of our current selves, or non-human entities, time will continue to unravel and let us know if Starseeds are unique humans or truly from different star systems.

Evidence Of UAPs & Starseeds

From ancient artworks depicting strange aerial objects to modern-day UFO sightings caught on camera and radar, to declassified official documentation of UFOs, to today’s hearing, there is a wealth of evidence supporting the existence of UAPs.

Similarly, the personal narratives of Starseeds provide experiential evidence of this phenomenon.

UAPs & Starseeds: The Journey To Earth

How do UAPs and Starseeds get to Earth?

Are there specific pathways or portals they use?

Or, are they born and raised here, only awakening to their celestial origins later in life?

Theories About How UAPs & Starseeds Get To Earth

Numerous theories aim to explain how UAPs and Starseeds find their way to Earth.

From interdimensional travel to advanced propulsion systems, these theories run the gamut of scientific speculation.

As of today, we have certain proof that “reverse-engineering programs for non-terrestrial craft” are in progress, meaning that ships exist.

This also means that our current understanding of UAPs uses advanced propulsion systems that do not emit heat, sound, nor radiation.

Unfortunately, it does not definitively answer how Starseeds get to Earth, but it does open up a more realistic theory on advanced human capabilities.

Scientific Views On UAPs & Starseeds

The scientific community has a wide range of views on UAPs and Starseeds.

Some scientists dismiss the phenomena outright, while others are intrigued by the mysteries they present.

However, today sparked a new admission and goal of acceptance of non-humans who fly among us, at the very least.

Personal Experiences of UAPs & Starseeds Encounters

Hearing first-hand accounts of encounters with UAPs or experiences as a Starseed can be incredibly enlightening.

“I actually have quite a few stories, in regards to both UAPs and Starseeds. Most of my experiences are mutually exclusive – meaning my UAP sightings have never existed alongside super-human abilities – except one.

In regards to UAPs, I’ve had multiple experiences, but two that stand out are:

  1. I often see stars moving across the sky; most of the time, the Night Sky app lets me know that I’m looking at the ISS, a late-stage Starlink launch, or a discarded rocket body – I’m a science-first kind of spiritualist. Occasionally, though, I’ll see a star move and dart across the sky at varying speeds, turning, fading, and reappearing; these, as you can guess, do not appear on the Night Sky app.
  2. With my husband alongside me as we exited a store in a medium-sized city, I actually saw a formation of five large lights in the shape of a house. One by one, they darted off in different directions at super-fast speeds. The next day at work, a coworker shyly came up to me and said, ‘Hey, I feel like you might understand me when I tell you this in a sec…but this is something I saw last night in the sky, what do you think?’ and she handed me a drawing of the same light configuration.

In regards to Starseeds, Lightworkers, and ESP:

I personally don’t discount that the concept of Starseeds are not dissimilar to the concept of Lightworkers. So, for this, I’ll just refer to everyone as people with amazing abilities. This is my favorite story. I had someone important to me, but not blood-related to me, tell me that if I’m ever in trouble but can’t get to a phone or it’s late, just think of their very specific guitar. One night, I though it was too late to call at 3am, so I told myself that if I was meant to talk about this particular issue, this idea would work. So, I visualized that guitar, and in less than 30 seconds later, I answered my phone to the voice of my frantic, heavily worried in-law relative. PS: He often calls me a lightworker.

In regards to a story that involves both Starseeds and UAPs:

The same person from above and I were once standing outside on a super cloudy night. They told me they could feel energy coming from behind the clouds. I then described what I visually sensed, in regards to the shape of the energy (not the star formation), and they confirmed that it was what they see as well. They then let me know that they feel like home is in that direction, and that it’s probably a specific constellation. I’m keeping this portion anonymous until they give me permission to fully share, but I whipped out my Night Sky app, and sure enough, it was that constellation.

I have a lot more stories, but I think this provides backround to the notion that what we call Starseeds could truly be a reality, especially with the knowledge that space travel is real and active theories are more likely.” – Aurora Moone

The Impact Of UAPs & Starseeds On Society

UAPs and Starseeds have undeniably left a significant impact on society. From influencing pop culture to spurring scientific exploration, these phenomena have left an indelible mark on human history and will continue to do so.

How does the evidence of non-human biometrics pull at the fabric of many earth-bound, earth-specific religions and belief systems?

“I’ve always been the type of spiritualist that believes solely in personal experiences after ruling out the mundane explanations. I’ve seen ghosts, done telepathy across multiple cities, healed with touch, received visions, controlled electronics without touch, manifested intent into being, and so much more. I know people who have teleported with witnesses, and I believe them – people who approach life with an open mind to experiences will be ecstatic at a new awakening of their spiritual and philosophical exploration. Those who have not found their will to think about their beliefs…I feel worried for their mentality.” – Moone

What’s Next: The Future Of UAPs & Starseeds

As we continue to explore the cosmos and our own consciousness, what does the future hold for UAPs and Starseeds? We can only speculate on potential developments and discoveries that could unfold in the coming years.

In Summary

The concept of a Starseed may be more realistic after learning that some UAPs are definitely non-human contain non-human biologics, and may leverage multidimensional capabilities, which helps provide explanation for super-human capabilities, such as claircognizance, clairaudence, clairsentience, clairgustance, clairvoyance, telepathy, teleportation, and more.


What are UAPs?

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UAPs, are the phenomena that occur in the sky that cannot be identified as any known object or natural occurrence. UAP is the new name for UFO.

What are Starseeds?

Starseeds are people who believe they originate from different star systems, dimensions, or planets, and have come to Earth to fulfill a specific mission.

How do UAPs get to Earth?

While there are numerous theories, including advanced propulsion systems and interdimensional travel, the exact method of how UAPs reach Earth is documented but, from a scientific perspective, remains unknown.

Do Starseeds know they are Starseeds?

Not all Starseeds are aware of their origins. Many experience a sense of awakening at some point in their lives, leading them to realize their Starseed status.

Can UAPs be explained by science?

Some UAP sightings can be explained through natural or man-made phenomena. However, on July 26, 2023, it was announced that non-human crafts and non-human biologics have been documented as a source of many UAPs.

Are UAPs and Starseeds connected?

Some theories suggest a connection, with the idea that UAPs might be vehicles for Starseeds. However, this is speculative.

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